Collapse and Creation

No doubt about, this is a pivotal moment to powerfully shift your course into envisioning, empowering, creating and building your future. One that stands on the honouring of your True Worth and Wealth.

It is a time of reckoning that which stays in our lives, that which gets taken away, and that which we must build.

It is a time of beckoning, wherein a radical new future is calling and we need to learn how to masterfully navigate this turbulent territory.

No-nonsense, revolutionary, volatile, power-planetary configurations at this time mirror those of WWII in that we are seeing dangerous sabre-rattling and escalating volatility in the financial markets.

We are also seeing stunningpower plays and centralization of authority, jaw-dropping revelations, increasing environmental chaos and refugees, declining fertility levels, food and money security issues, the rise of AI andwhat it means to be human, as well as chronic disease and mental illness on the rise.

It’s a lot, and a lot to process in the times long-heralded by the indigenous, the visionaries and the mystics for millennia and in recent times, too.

Things are collapsing,and things are urgent… that we might expand and upgrade ourselves,our perceptions and DNA … and create. The old timelines, the old templates, the old ways are fast collapsing as they cannot sustain the new energy, the solar flares and changing electromagnetic field (and thus our own personal fields of energy), the overtaking of our lives by technologyand the simultaneous call of Nature to be here now, along with evolution’s relentless surges forward.

It’s a time to live in mindful stability in the eye of the needle, deep in your navigation and powerful manifestation practices so that you don’t lose yourself. So that you thrive.

The Astrology: powerful configurations involving Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Aquarius, Mars in Leo, the North Node in
Taurus, the South Node in Scorpio

It pays to know where these dynamics are falling in your Chart so you can delete what must be deleted. All that sabotages you. Where you are no longer receiving an ROI. Where you must claim your inner worth and gold, and prepare, course-correct, plan, build and somatically connect deep into your bodyand with others so that you may ride the waves with as much internalstability, imagination and flexibility as you can.

I know it sounds dramatic, buttruly, many, many people are going to be losing their minds and losing the plot of their lives as they struggle to metabolise all that is takingplace. You simply cannot do it within the old linear frameworks: you must expand your perception and upgrade yourself.

The thing is, ‘evolution’ feelspersonal but it is not. It simply is. It simply must be. Evolution just is and it rolls forward with or without ‘you’.

Eckhart Tolle once wrote: “Evolve or Die”.I believe it’s that, plus what I shared in every seminar or program all these
years: Die and Evolve. That is, Die to your old self, habits,life, patterns … and Evolve to what it calling you forward.

Ultimately, nobody knows how this will go: it is a collective co-creation within the greater Cycles of Time, but know this: you are not a spectator and you are not a victim.You are a Sovereign Witness, Participant and Co-Creator.

Will we burn ourselves out as a species?

Will we survive but burn out the earth and all its species in our disconnected, dystopian, machine-world?

Or will we reconnect and rebirth ourselves and become who we truly are as a species? Sovereign Beings and Sovereign Creators, one with a deeply Loving and Intelligent Source Field?

These are big, big questions weare each faced with.

My friend, I urge you to support yourselfin whatever way you can as evolution knocks on the door of your Life, asking
you to become who you really are.