• About Shambhalla Global

    Inspired by leading-edge science, ancient wisdom, nature and modern technology,
    we offer pathways towards conscious solutions for people and planet.

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  • Shambhalla Global is an international coaching, mentoring, events and retreats business. We provide customized, life-changing programs and transformational travel to help clients become the best version of themselves, create the lives and businesses of their dreams and make a bigger contribution. We develop transformative leaders and workplaces, making them more impactful and successful.

    In the ancient Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra and in Hindu traditions, Shambhalla is a pure land, a City of Light, a mythical kingdom, and understood to be a place of peace, prosperity and wisdom.

    For our times, Shambhalla is the out-picturing of an unprecedented opportunity to renew and regenerate humanity and the Earth in a new
    evolutionary paradigm and agenda.

    We believe the world’s greatest challenges can be solved. However, although individuals, change-makers, entrepreneurs and business owners are filled with vision and motivation, they can often also be drowning in a sea of information-overload and crippled by outdated beliefs, as well as be experiencing enormous personal challenges.

    Our mission is to provide the inspiration as well as the how-to tools and strategies that support people to transform and create in breakthrough, conscious ways. Shambhalla Global interweaves 25+ years of mindset, mindfulness, leading-edge science, ancient mysticism, metaphysics, body movement, sacred plant medicines, breathwork and travel to offer bespoke transformational trainings and programs that empower our clients on their inner journey so they can create empowered outer realities in all areas of their lives.


    Shambhalla Global connects you to something greater within yourself … and into regenenerative transcendence. It connects you to the internal-external foundational power and consciousness to live your Best Life and to have a positive impact at this most auspicious, challenged time. It aims to contribute by playing its part in the renewal and regeneration of humanity and the Earth for a thriving planetary consciousness.

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