Living in the New Timeline

It may not be obvious to all (as the old paradigm remains a deceptively 'dominant' feature in our lives), but we are already in a New Timeline, long foretold by indigenous peoples and the ancient calendars, and broadcast at large over the last 30 years by countless spiritual leaders, visionaries and more as part of the Global Shift in Consciousness.                                

It’s a Timeline wherein higher states of being reign more supreme, where us-vs-them duality has come to rest in a Unified Consciousness perspective, and our awareness has expanded beyond the limitations of the physical world and the old, survival-based model of creating, living and being.                               

This New Timeline has many names: the Unified Field, the New Earth, the Sixth Sun, the Now, the 5th Dimension, the 5th World … and many others. Here, in this Timeline, Love and other high-vibrational states become the foundation and the frequencies upon which we build our lives.     

However, we are not talking here about airy-fairy, escapist, spiritual bypassing, or never seeing, feeling or experiencing low-vibrational states again: we are talking about more consciously understanding the Play of
Consciousness (the
creative dance of yin and yang, dark and light, matter and spirit) from a Unified perspective…and how the Play serves Life.  

In this space, ‘Love’ is not a mere emotion, but a state of being that has been cultivated through one’s choices and that permeates every aspect of our existence. Love becomes a frequency-based, guiding energy that holistically aligns us, and that inspires our choices, interactions, and intentions… and builds a global community.     

As we continue through this forecasted time, we tap into a broader understanding of reality. We begin to see beyond the illusions of separation upon which the dominant reality was built, and we embrace the inherent unity that underlies all things. We tap into the vast potential within ourselves, awakening to the power to create and become the conscious architects of our experiences.         

Coming to live this way calls for the release of old patterns, beliefs, stories, addictions, masks, egoic defenses and limitations that no longer serve. As we transcend these through our practices, we step into our natural state of Presence, where we find freedom from lack, limited thinking, judgment, fear, and attachment. This liberation allows us to experience life in its fullness, unrestricted by past constraints.    

As we find our feet here, we become active participants in the New. We harmonically align our desires with our Highest Good and the Greater Good, recognizing that our personal evolution is intricately intertwined with the well-being of the collective. We embrace our unique, sovereign roles as co-creators, consciously manifesting a thriving reality that is in harmony with the highest intentions.  

I invite you to make the choice to transcend the limitations of your previous existence and embrace a reality infused with Love, expanded Consciousness,and Conscious Co-creation.    

As you let go of old patterns and step into your power, you unlock the infinite possibilities that await you. You have the opportunity to witness and create as your life transforms into a beautiful tapestry of joy, abundance, and connection…. as part of that which has been forecasted for these times.                

In Love and Kindness, Fatima xx

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