• Art of Manifestation Group Mentoring

    Ancient Wisdom and Leading-Edge Science to Create and Live your Best Life

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    Do you realize that you already have it in you to be truly happy and abundant?


    How would things change if you felt more worthy, deserving, confident and free?


    Do you realize that doubt, insecurity, indecisiveness and feelings of being ‘less than’ stop you
    from deliberately flourishing and fully living your life?


    How would a life defined by happiness, joy, clarity, confidence, appreciation, certainty, purpose and abundance look and feel?


    What is the difference you could make if you weren’t blocked by chronic habits of shame, overwhelm,
    unworthiness, sabotage, fear, negativity and blame?


    * * * 

    Life isn't a mere happening; it responds to you and unfolds for you.


    We are in the midst of a quantum evolutionary leap in these days of exponentially-accelerating, upgrading transformation. This volatile process can be challenging to our psyches, bodies, businesses, relationships and more....as we progress into a New Life and a New Earth.


    It is a new phase of life, with the Great Shift in Consciousness powerfully affecting and upgrading all areas of our Lives now.


    You possess the innate capacity for freedom, clarity, creativity, connection, inner peace, abundance, joy, and purpose. Ancient wisdom, indigenous knowledge, leading-edge sciences, and personal development leaders agree that your thoughts, emotions, and feelings matter. Your predominant beliefs and vibrations shape your life's outcomes and can even affect your body's chemistry. These factors form your identity, personality, values, and experiences, potentially creating a self-imposed prison.


    To lead a more authentic, fulfilling life, it is necessary to transform into a new version of yourself with fresh beliefs, patterns, and emotions. It is necessary to vibrate from, and choose to live from, expanded states of consciousness like love, appreciation, gratitude, positivity, abundance and others, rather than habitual fear, anger, and limitation.


    Learn how to navigate and thrive in the new way of being by listeningto, and honouring, yourself first and foremost. Be supported in a Group as you work with your Scripts and scripting,and master manifesting all of your heartfelt dreams, desires and passions. Learn how to ‘follow your Highest Good’....andmove further away from stress, insecurity, ‘survival’ and doubt. 

    Discover who you REALLY are.....get CLEAR about Conscious Evolution & your Purpose in Life....tap into the Limitless Freedom& Prosperity that is your Authentic Truth of Being....and galvanise virtually unlimited Power to Re-invent Yourself, Create Reality and Fulfil your Dreams........from the Inside ~ Out.


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    It’s easier when you have a blueprint and a guide

    Fatima Bacot has consulted to 1000s of individuals in both personal and business settings. Interweaving 25+ years’ experience, and using uniquely-tailored, science-backed combinations such as mindset, mindfulness, leading-edge science, ancient mysticism, epigenetics, metaphysics, body movement, breathwork and more, she offers the unique combinations that will assist you to dissolve old patterns, navigate
    radical change and transform your life.


    Happy Past Students say:


    “Fatima’s mentoring program has proved to be of great value and I believe she definitely offers things not available with other programs. I know I have already gained far more than her fee. I am much more decisive and don’t second guess things anywhere near as much as I was starting to, making me more productive in all areas. Fatima has unique skills in getting to the underlying reasons behind any situation.”   PL, Australia

    “I asked for a loving supportive teacher to come into my life and shecame loud and clear in the form of Fatima. I have been searching for answers to my own internal battles for years and Fatima is the only person who has been able to help me resolve and clear them. This program is magical. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to shift their stuff once and for all. Of course you’ll have to do the work, but you will be supported by the arms of an angel.” TF, Australia

  • How the Program Works

    The Sessions are your personalized roadmap for transformation and growth, empowered by various Tools and Fatima's intuitive insights. They empower you to overcome self-sabotaging patterns, dismantle outdated emotional and mental patterns of lack, trauma, separation, illusion and ...step into a New Life.


    1. Pre-Session Private One-on-One Consult: You'll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to assess your current situation and aspirations that will then be emailed back to Fatima before the first online Group Session. It covers your strengths, dreams, desires, current state, obstacles, current practices, and relevant life experiences. Fatima will then email back to you a proposed Manifestation Practice to get started with immediately.
    2. 7 x Live Sessions x 90mins each: These are interactive and where you are able to share your progress and concerns regarding Manifestation. Fatima will offer insights, advice, and personal recommendations for your next steps. The first 10 minutes will be a Teaching from Fatima (see Potential Topics below), 60 minutes are devoted to group mentoring, with the final 20 minutes a Live Meditation for Manifestation.
    3. Post-Session Private One-on-One Follow-up: This final, private session will focus on the changes you've experienced mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, particularly in the key areas you aimed to transform, as well as tips for going forward.
    4. Private FB Group: for further connections, conversation, questions, follow-up

    After Each Live Session: Following each live session, Fatima will provide a follow-up email summarizing the session's content, steps to take, and recommended resources.


    Potential Topics Fatima will cover during the Live Sessions:

    • How Manifestation and the Law of Attraction work
    • Mastering your most desired outcomes 
    • Letting the past go and staying grounded in your body 
    • The 13-Chakra sytem
    • DNA, cellular memory and Lightbody upgrades 
    • Becoming your Future Self
    • Self-Realization and being 'Home' in yourself.
    • Navigating the waves of change as effortlessly as possible 
    • Expanding your Power Within as a Dynamic Co-Creator 
    • Upgrading financially, socially, physically....all areas of your life 
    • Dissolving depression, exhaustion, anger, confusion, anxiety 
    • Enhancing and deepening your Practice  
    • Balancing and harmonising your personal space  
    • Neutralising and clearing negativity from your projects, relationships and body 
    • Attuning to your inner voice to feel centred, grounded, confident and balanced 
    • Healing the split between the Masculine & Feminine aspects of yourself 
    • Deepening your connection to Source, hearing your own Truth


    To be announced


    Overall, you consciously and deliberately learn to:

    • accelerate your Happiness, Growth and Mastery in all Life Areas
    • make a huge leap in Empowerment and Awareness
    • bypass baggage and reprogram yourself into your Joy, Power and Co-Creativity
    • learn the art of partnering with the Quantum Field and taking aligned, leveraged action to manifest your Goals and live all that is
      possible right now
    • witness yourself create and attract and further build confidence, worthiness and a blessed life
    • discover your Purpose and live your Highest Potentials
    • rewire and rescript your entire Life to reflect your inherent worthiness


    Refund and Cancellation Policy

    You will be ntitled to a refund up to 3 days before your scheduled One-on-One Session.



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