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    Earthspeaks Podcast

    “We’re in a race: all the forces of destruction, chaos and dystopian futures…and then, on the other side
    of the coin, brilliant people coming up with good ideas that would really work and that are working” ~ Dennis McKenna


    Numerous, safe planetary boundaries have reached critical thresholds, and we are between paradigms.


    Fatima Bacot brings you a diverse range of innovators, entrepreneurs, disruptors and provocative visionaries at the intersection of sustainability, futuristic thinking, ethics, evolutionary trends and


    Bridge into and build the Future with maximum vision and impact.

  • Episodes

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    Jay Harman

    Episode with CEO of PAX Scientific, Jay Harman, an award-winning, prolific inventor, published author, and one of the pioneers of the revolutionary science biomimicry. Jay is a frequent keynote speaker on nature-inspired design to solve our greatest
    challenges (including TED, TEDx, and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group). His work has been featured in multiple documentaries, including Prince Charles’ documentary, and the book, Harmony. His award-winning designs are part of the permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Join us as Jay shares how if we model, create and work with nature, we can literally turn around all our problems right now. GO HERE

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    Daveed Benjamin

    Episode with co-Founder of Regen Tulum (Mexico), as well as Founder of Bridgit and coiner of the Metaweb, Daveed Benjamin is focused upon building ecosystems that
    revolutionize how we think, as well as decentralized public works movements globally and locally. He is an author, a Royal Society of the Arts Fellow, Active Dreaming teacher, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Green For All fellow, Founder Gym graduate, and a Warm Data Labs host. GO HERE

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    Dinah Nieburg

    Episode with Founder and CEO of Blue Green Future, and nature, ocean conservancy and environmental advocate Dinah Nieburg. Dinah joined me from COP26 to talk about the tremendous momentum building amongst so many stakeholders in the shift towards a shared, connected, regenerative future and the many breakthroughs currently taking place. GO HERE

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    Lourdes Gant

    Episode with Vice-President of Sustainable Aquaculture in British Columbia, Canada, Lourdes Gant. Sustainability expert, impactful visionary and business mentoring coach. We talked about the breakthroughs in the sustainability industry and,
    ultimately, what true sustainability is. GO HERE