• About Fatima Bacot

    Mentor, Trainer and Transformational Travel Facilitator

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    I'm Fatima Bacot, and for over 25 years, I've mentored and trained thousands throughout Australia, the United States, Mexico and online globally in the form of seminars, web events, workshops, blogs, CDs, mp3s, ebooks, retreats and classes, private consultations and transformational travel.


    Subject matter has been wide, eclectic and focused upon assisting students and participants to free themselves of dysfunctional patterns as part of the Shift in Consciousness in the co-creation of a New Paradigm.


    As a child and teenager, I witnessed devastating physical, psychological and sexual abuse aimed at women, alcoholism, depression, drug abuse and suicidal tendencies within the extended family, based upon traumas members were themselves painfully entrapped within.

    Growing up within such an environment, I developed extreme anxiety, which later became eating disorders, and still later, depression, perfectionism and suicidal ideation. I was crippled by crushing lows of self-worth and felt I had ‘no right to be
    here’. I was people-pleasing and rebellious simultaneously. I was people-pleasing and rebellious simultaneously, and knowing 'there must be more'.


    This environment was, of course, also the greatest gift: as a result of it, I thus began my journey from the age of 18, diving into comparative religion, spirituality and mysticism, along with psychology, philosophy, the esoteric and occult, and quantum theory to understand the nature of consciousness, reality, energy, mind, truth and self-realization. All these elements, and many more, have formed the major drivers of my personal journey, as well as my Life's work.


    My focus is upon those shaping new lives and systems in this auspicious, often challenging and volatile time. I offer transformative practices and experiences to help people and businesses release unhelpful patterns and beliefs, step into their power and take purposeful action. Our worldviews, thoughts, emotions and belief systems profoundly shape our impact.


    I blend science-backed methods like mindset, mindfulness, ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge science. I use a unique mix of tools, including epigenetics, heart coherence, meditation, psychedelics, movement, breathwork, and travel to craft tailor-made programs. Together, we cultivate the conditions for transformation and evolution in these auspicious times of radical, often volatile change.


    My goal for myself and others is to live fully in a New Paradigm where empowered, enlightened, connected individuals and communities harness their full potential and live in a thriving planetary consciousness.


    We can co-create and live a brighter story for humanity and the Earth.

  • What our Clients Say

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    “Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is extremely important to our office environment. After a full day session in Fatima’s mindfulness workshop, our teams have shown a keen willingness to improve their personal and professional attitudes through practicing mindfulness in their everyday lives. We have received spectacular feedback from all staff who attended and as a result we are discussing the implementation of quiet areas for meditation and simply taking a break throughout the office. These are the types of social improvements our business is constantly looking for to ensure the best results for our staff and clients alike. Thank you Fatima for a very enlightening and beneficial workshop.”  

    Andrew Hunter, CEO, CI Australia www.ciaustralia.com.au

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    Fatima guided me through a life transformation. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiswer, stronger, confident and excited about the future.”


    G Mailloux, CXO, Ooredoo Group, Qatar

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    “We had Fatima spend a day with our staff members to introduce them to mindfulness practices. Fatima’s professionalism, yet warm, friendly nature and soothing voice, made learning these new techniques very easy and enjoyable. Each and every staff member came away with some very valuable tools that they will continue to practice and use in their everyday lives.”


    R & K McCloy, McCloy Dental www.mccloydental.com.au

  • “Fatima’s organisational skills are exemplary which made our trip hassle-free. Her knowledge of the various sites from Isle de Mujeres to Chichen-Itza to Tulum and the sharing of information regarding these made for a very interesting and contemplative time.        


    “Fatima organized various experiences, such as visiting a Mayan village, participating in their cooking & herbal
    medicine workshops, meditate in a sweat lodge with wisdom being shared by the local shaman, along with refreshing dips in private cenotes. All these moments were so special and are engraved lovingly in my memory
    forever!  I would jump at the chance to join another of your pilgrimages in the future."                

    SS, Australia


    “I find the accuracy and depth of her intuitive insights especially valuable. Her holistic understanding enables
    incisive, powerful, relevant and personalized advice and steps for action and serve as a unique bridge to our own deeper transdimensional understanding and growth.


    "This has granted me a number of breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments – each one being a potential game-changer. In short, she is a great healer and teacher because she’s all about empowerment, and I have to thank her for all that she has aided me with.”                                       

    BG, Japan 


    “I can honestly say that (Fatima’s Mentoring Program) is the most valuable investment that anybody can make. With Fatima’s guidance I really learned to understand myself, my purpose and all that is. She has guided me in changing my life for the better. She is a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful for attracting her into my
    life!”  ML, Australia                                                           

    "I have known Fatima for several years now, having attended some of her workshops, lectures as well as her mentoring & can definitely say she’s an excellent presenter, facilitator. The readings & mentoring are of the highest standard of guidance.”                   

    SA, Australia     


    “It has been nothing short of miraculous. I no longer run from myself. I accept all of me. I have much more energy
    because I am not wasting it running and hiding from my inner critic. About a month ago, when Fatima’s Process ‘kicked in’, I felt free from beating myself up. I actually started operating from a foundation of Joy. Being me is now a joyful thing and a powerful thing.”
     TS, USA                                                            

    “For the past 15 or so years, Fatima has been a resonant, steady voice of wisdom in my life. She has shared her guidance and perspective on everything from making challenging overseas moves and romantic relationships to health concerns, lifestyle shifts and new directions in my work. No matter the subject, she always listens deeply and responds with eloquence and deeply perceptive insight, sharing her wisdom with great generosity.


    "I have profound gratitude for all of the sage guidance she’s given me throughout the years and which continues to inform my life path going forward too. Perhaps most importantly of all, she always reminds me to stay open, keep growing and enjoy the ride!”  JD, Japan                                                         

    "Working with you always reminds me to view life from a higher perspective, to see the magic in allthings and to ground this new way of perceiving into reality through a daily practice. The weekly calls are an opportunity to connect and share with likeminded people, they help keep me on track and remind me to be accountable for my thoughts and feelings. The guidance you bring through is alwaysinsightful, compassionate and comforting while being a goodreflection of my own intuition, which has helped me to develop and follow my
    own guidance. I feel like I can really step into the flow of my life, knowing that I am the creator of my experience and that is the ultimate freedom. Thank you.”  Sam, UK                                                        

    Having suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, I had attended many meditation and counselling workshops, tried yoga and many calming
    techniques, read many anxiety self-help and inspirational books, and attended sessions with several psychologists. Whilst I believe everything in my life so far has helped me to become the stronger person I am today, none of the above had helped me in such a way as Fatima and her mindfulness classes. Focusing on listening to the breath, practising bodyscans, guided meditations, mindful walking and other methods like RAIN, and learning techniques I can use in everyday stressful situations to calm myself have been nothing short of
    amazing."   Hayley, Australia                                                        

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