Manifesting a Future that has Already Happened

So much is going on in these powerfully challenging times, I thought I’d like to share with you a profound truth that has the power to transform your Life as you apply its principles: your Future has already happened.

Let me explain…

The reality is that time is not linear, as we have been led to believe in our old reality-models. Rather, time is a construct of our human mind, a made-up way for us to organize our experiences into a comfortable, stable sequence. However, in reality, (and as the ancients knew) all moments exist simultaneously, and everything that has ever happened or will happen is already energetically imprinted in the Quantum Field (Universe).

In fact, ‘reality’ is multidimensional and extends beyond the present moment and far beyond our limited, finite perception.

In essence, your future already exists as a potentiality and has already happened on a vibrational-frequency level, waiting for you to manifest it into your physical reality.

As we know from the ancient mysticism, indigenous wisdom, the leading-edge sciences of epigenetics, quantum physics, neuro-immunology, as well as countless personal and spiritual development teachers, our most dominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs create our reality.

So, how can you tap into this truth and manifest the future you desire? The answer lies in the quality (and power) of those dominant thoughts and emotions. When you focus your thoughts and emotions on your desired outcome, you send a powerful, consistent, electromagnetic signal to the Quantum Field that you are ready to receive it and allow it into your life. You create a new, vibrational match between your inner world and the outer world, and the Quantum Field responds by bringing your desires into fruition. (The same goes for the realities you don’t want to experience.)

However, manifesting your desires requires more than just positive thinking. It requires you to consistently align your thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs with the reality you want to experience. And you must cultivate a deep sense of trust in the Quantum Field and know that your desires are already on their way to you, even if you can’t see evidence as yet.

To do this, you must become aware of and let go of limiting beliefs, patterns, thoughts and emotions that may be blocking you from sensing, creating. maintaining and manifesting your desires. You must surrender to the Quantum Field and trust that everything is unfolding in a timing that has nothing to do with our more limited timing, methods and organization.

We can abide within the words of the great spiritual teacher, Rumi, “What you seek is seeking you.” … and trust.

The Quantum Field is constantly working to bring your desires to you in the most unexpected way, but it is up to you to consistently think, feel, act and radiate as if you are already who you are in that desired reality… and that you are worthy to receive it so you can allow it to unfold into your Life. You must Live it as if it has already happened, being that you in that ‘future reality’.

How do you think and feel in that desired reality? How do you act in that desired reality? Be it, then live it.

In this extremely volatile, uncertain time, I encourage you to take a moment to imagine your desired future. Know that your most consistent thoughts and feelings have already been responded to, know that it has already happened and is already in motion. Align yourself, stay aligned, trust in the Quantum Field, give thanks in advance, and surrender to the journey of its unfoldment, taking aligned action as necessary.

You can manifest the life of your dreams: this is known throughout the millennia. You are worth it and the world needs your Talents and Gifts now.

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.