• Workplace Mindfulness Training

    At a time now of increased chaos and systems-wide instability globally, many are feeling enormous uncertainty, confusion and stress,

    whether within themselves, their lives, or their businesses.

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  • In this era, we face overwhelm, burnout, and fear of failure amidst:

    • Global instability in economics, environment, resources, and politics.
    • Disruptive advancements in technology
    • Changes in relationships, identities, labor markets, business structures, beliefs.

    Yet, we possess unprecedented capability to explore new possibilities, and a more consciously mindful, regenerative foundation in a company and its leadership is an holistic approach on the path to fostering productivty, ingenuity, well-being and sustainable growth. Such a foundation enables a culture of present-moment awareness, empathy, and effective decision-making.


    When applied to individuals or business cultures, mindful practices and strategies invigorate and energize with benefits such as:

    • Reduced costs, absenteeism, procrastination, overwhelm, stress, unclear focus
    • Active, compassionate engagement among all employees of a given organization, whether large or small, resulting in increased emotional intelligence, collaboration, resilience, happiness and holistic, purpose-driven performance and contribution
    • Distributive and decentralized ways of operating and seeing the business as a whole
    • Reduced anxiety, tech-overwhelm, depression, PTSD
    • Improved bottom-lines, productivity, wellbeing and impact profits
    • Enhanced calmness, accountability, clarity of mind, cooperation, creativity and innovation
    • Increased energy levels, time-management, focus

    Additionally, applied Mindfulness supports: 


    An Ethical Foundation:

    • Values-Driven Culture: The company is guided by a strong set of ethical values that prioritize fairness, transparency, and social responsibility.
    • Social and Environmental Responsibility: Ethical mindfulness involves a commitment to reduce the company's negative impact on the environment and contribute positively to society.

    Visionary Leadership:

    • Long-term Vision: The company's leaders have a clear and inspiring vision for the future, focusing on positive change and innovation.
    • Inclusivity: They encourage diverse perspectives and actively seek input from employees at all levels to shape the company's vision.

    Regenerative Practices:

    • Sustainable Operations: The company integrates regenerative practices into its operations, seeking to restore and enhance natural and social ecosystems.
    • Circular Economy: Embracing circular economy principles, the company minimizes waste and optimizes resource use.

    Thought Creating Reality:

    • Positive Affirmations: Encourage employees to adopt positive affirmations and thought patterns that align with the company's vision and values.
    • ManifestationTechniques: Use heart coherence and visualization exercises to help employees manifest their personal and collective goals.

    Thriving Planetary Consciousness:

    • Collective Purpose: Foster a sense of purpose among employees by aligning the company's mission with global well-being and consciousness.
    • Community Engagement: Actively engage with and support initiatives that contribute to a thriving planetary consciousness, such as environmental conservation and social justice.

    Measuring Impact:

    • Metrics for Well-being: Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure not only financial success but also employee well-being, environmental impact, and contributions to global consciousness.

    Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

    • Feedback Loops: Create mechanisms for employees to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement in all aspects of the company's operations.
    • Adaptive Strategy: Be open to adapting the company's strategy and practices to better align with evolving ethical, visionary, and regenerative goals.


    Workplace mindfulness is not just a program but an integral part of the organizational culture. It supports leadership and employees in living and working in alignment with the company's values, vision, and commitment to planetary well-being and consciousness. It enables all to creatively address responsibilities holistically, and to foster adaptability in the face of change.




    Fatima Bacot offers a number of diverse, workshoppable options (whether IN-PERSON OR ONLINE) to suit your business, inclusive of:

    • 1-2-1 Private Sessions
    • Weekly or Fortnightly Regenerative Classes
    • 4-Session Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Program
    • 4-Session Level 2 Program on Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Half-Day and Full-Day Mindfulness Workshops
    • Video-Conference Training
    • 75-min Mindfulness ‘Focus Sessions’
    • 1-3 Day Workshops and Retreats

    All the above can be creatively and exclusively put together to suit the unique needs of your organization.



  • What Others Say

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    “Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is extremely important to our office environment. After a full day session in Fatima’s mindfulness workshop, our teams have shown a keen willingness to improve their personal and professional attitudes through practicing mindfulness in their everyday lives. We have received spectacular feedback from all staff who attended and as a result we are discussing the implementation of quiet areas for meditation and simply taking a break throughout the office. These are the types of social improvements our business is constantly looking for to ensure the best results for our staff and clients alike. Thank you Fatima for a very enlightening and beneficial workshop.”


    Andrew Hunter, CEO, CI Australia www.ciaustralia.com.au

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    Fatima guided me through a life transformation. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiswer, stronger, confident and excited about the future.”


    G Mailloux, CXO, Ooredoo Group, Qatar

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    “We had Fatima spend a day with our staff members to introduce them to mindfulness practices. Fatima’s professionalism, yet warm, friendly nature and soothing voice, made learning these new techniques very easy and enjoyable. Each and every staff member came away with some very valuable tools that they will continue to practice and use in their everyday lives.”


    R & K McCloy, McCloy Dental www.mccloydental.com.au

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