The Perils of Spiritual Bypassing in 2024

At a time now of profound global shifts, socio-political-financial complexities, the Gaza-Israel-US war now extending further beyond into Lebanon and drawing in Iran and Yemen, environmental catastrophes, the escalating reach of AI into our lives, US elections 2024, as well as the increasing religious/ideological bigotry, banning, censorship, firing, cancelling etc and more to enforce the us-vs-them landscape and who/what is/isn’t allowed…. it is wise to not only hold fast to a vision of a shared future of Peace and keep actively creating it in real terms, but as part of that, to be aware of the dangers of spiritual bypassing.

As we reach more and more threshold points in the dramatic reordering of our systems via high-voltage energies, I’ve continued to counsel for you to get your house in order, and for that, one needs to be paying attention to what is unfolding and, crucially, staying well clear of the transcendent-only-spirituality that leads to spiritual bypassing and thus not being here fully.

It is going to be extremely important to fully embody and be grounded for stability, wise navigation, co-creation and manifestation. 2024’s energies are going to be fast, radical, revolutionary and off the charts. Humanity is going to be rising up for freedom and human rights over these next 20 years (approximately) as never before all over the world as just one aspect of incoming Pluto in Aquarius, and the counter-revolutionary forces of the status quo of government, religion, media and technology will be seeking to maintain hegemony and their privileged positions of dominance, exceptionalism and supremacy with impunity.

Spiritual Bypassing
Spiritual bypassing is defined as the use of spiritual beliefs and practices to avoid dealing with reality, psychological or emotional issues, as well as diverting attention away from addressing broader societal and systemic issues.

It’s where we bypass the Feminine / immanent / relative aspects of reality, we disembody and disengage, and go straight to the Masculine / transcendent / absolute aspects.

As shared before Christmas:

The archetypal Feminine is Self-Actualization, immanence, the creative vessel of life that contains, nurtures, gives birth, cherishes and protects. It is Mother, the interconnected web of life and relationships, nature, darkness, the Earth, the body, matter, the heart, emotion, feeling, empathy.

The Masculine is Self-Realization, transcendence, consciousness, spirit (God), light, heaven, intellect, mind/spirit. It is Father, reason, individuality, rationality, logic, structure, order, energy, goals, compartmentalization, the desire and
the capacity to protect.

Spiritual Bypassing and Utopian Thinking

Spiritual bypassing shares a significant relationship with Utopian thinking. Both concepts envision a transcendent, idealized state devoid of pain, judgment, and negative experiences. Utopian ideals often involve the pursuit of an idyllic world (the 5D, the New Earth, the Rapture, the Aquarian Age, the Golden Age) characterized by limitless harmony, peace, love and perfection.

In spiritual bypassing, reality is compartmentalized and the emphasis is upon positivity, enlightenment, and the avoidance of negative emotions in the desire for a pain-free existence where challenges, judgment, discomfort, and conflict are eradicated. It overlooks, judges as ‘lower’, shames and denies the complexity and richness of the Feminine domain that is the human experience in the material world. It becomes a form of escapism to ‘higher realities’ by devaluating the material one, perpetuating the idea that, in an ideal world, challenges and struggles wouldn't exist.

Spiritual bypassing can have us caught up in denying, suppressing or repressing the important messaging of so-called negative emotions like fear, rage, grief, anger and sadness, judging them as ‘lower’, ‘lower self’ emanations, ‘3D’ or ‘bad’, and that keep us locked into lower-dimensional living.

However, if we bypass anger as ‘bad’, we cannot engage it as the guardian of our values, boundaries and what we will or will not allow in our lives. We cannot feel for, experience or say ‘no’ to abuse of ourselves, others or the Earth. We paradoxically delay the co-creation of the New Earth because we keep saying an inadvertent, spiritually-bypassed ‘yes’ to the violation of our lives, bodies, rights, the Earth, its species and other human beings, and find ourselves at the mercy of forces that are detrimental to us all. “No”, “no more” and being able to say something is “wrong” are part of having healthy boundaries, personally and collectively, and of creating the New: spiritual bypassing robs us of these.

We are experiencing this global mess of genocide, ecocide and more not just because 'the darkness is coming to the surface to be cleared', but because enough of us couldn't find a way to say 'no' to the darkness as these crimes were taking shape. Spiritual and other forms of bypass do that. And right now, we are watching the world's most documented genocide in history, via live transmission of its remaining journalists, taking place in Gaza with impunity and there's still not enough 'no'. It's not registering and we can't feel it because we're not really here (and of course many benefit from it) and we can't see how we and all life on Earth are connected to it.

I am horrified, heartbroken and ashamed that it's taken the merciless deaths of 8,000-10,000 Gazan children (28,000+ civilians in all in 90 days, including men, women and children, journalists, doctors, poets, writers, artists, UN workers and others) to wake me up out of a spiritual bypassing stupor and to further amplify and/or re-ignite the parts of myself that have always connected to others and their suffering as the suffering of us all in the human family, and the cry for human rights, justice, equality and freedom.


It’s very important now to develop new boundaries and enormous awareness by further exploring and knowing one’s and others' shadows and complexes instead of running from them as being ‘bad or wrong’, or because you believe you are already enlightened. Whatever you have not illuminated and authentically seen, accepted and embodied leaves you open to becoming unbalanced or hijacked by your lack of boundaries, self-knowledge and knowledge of the darkness/shadow within you and at play at large.

When we spiritually bypass, we impede our own personal healing processes, embodied illumination and mastery, and we
may dangerously steer others away from addressing real-life blocks and challenges, and attribute difficulties solely to a perceived lack of spiritual awareness or failure to maintain a positive mindset. We can unknowingly promote a superficial approach to spirituality, often using spiritual practices as a means of escape rather than a catalyst for genuine transformation.

When we spiritually bypass, we discard mirror after mirror and message after message from within ourselves and our environment. We miss the opportunities to deepen, expand, embody, mature, grow, transmute, evolve and contribute
in much more powerful ways. Spiritual bypassing discourages critical thinking and boundaries, and makes it
challenging for individuals to question teachings and information. They just don’t have the filters to recognize charlatans, propaganda, abusers, manipulation or when it's time to act.

It's crucial to recognize that an enlightened society is not one devoid of challenges but rather one where individuals are fully embodied and on-board with their empowered operating systems and full spectrum of emotional and intuitive intelligence, and that actively work towards solutions, acknowledging and learning from the vast complexities of the human experience. This will become more and more necessary as we experience Pluto in Aquarius.

The wishful forever-elimination of challenge, ‘negative emotions’ and that which is unpleasant to experience is not only unrealistic but stunts our growth, limits our inner GPS and can lead to a lack of resilience, personal safety, creativity, authentic growth, and meaningful connection with oneself and others for a more grounded and realistic approach to personal and societal well-being.

One of the biggest drawbacks, and especially now, is that spiritual bypassing often results in a lack of proactive action.

As with the millions who believed that at the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21 December 2012 a new world would suddenly just pop into existence the next day (and were disappointed, of course, when it didn’t), there are millions now
who assume that spiritual enlightenment or an idyllic state will spontaneously resolve societal and global problems. Self-care, staying positive, meditation or maintaining a high frequency are all that is required. People may view challenges as incongruent with their utopian ideals and, therefore, fail to take meaningful action to address the pressing issues in their own lives as well as contribute to community or at large.

Of course, we all want a more beautiful world and many of the energies coming in during 2024 (and beyond) herald ways of connecting to the Field, Higher Intelligence and new ways of thinking and being in completely astounding ways to create the New, but we must be clear that we live in this world and that it takes action. In the same way that you might feel hungry and want dinner, and you may visualize exactly what it's going to look like and sense how good it's good to taste, and you may give gratitude and appreciation in advance for it, you or someone will need to cook it, no matter what frequency you reside in if you exist on the material plane.

Spiritual bypassing is like a narcotic or a terrific panacea, and sometimes it’s exactly what we need to help us through the pain of what we may be experiencing. Absolutely. It's a great start to spirituality and can powerfully support one to heal many issues, but it's an incomplete spirituality and not a place to dwell, however. Spiritual bypassing ungrounds and uproots us before we’ve even built the foundation of a coherent self or life, or written the first page of the book we ‘saw’ in a meditation.

Sometimes the lack of action comes from feeling afraid to get our hands dirty, or believing it’s not necessary when we are ‘awake’ or ‘enlightened’. Sometimes we are afraid we will lose our spirituality if we engage with the world. Sometimes it’s part of that magical, 2012-thinking that believes the New Earth will simply appear if we remain in higher frequencies exclusively.

I am saying whilst we may be able to keep ‘the messy world’ at bay at present, able to have the Global North and Global South separated, or matter and spirit separated …. it will be very difficult to stay in a transcendental bubble in 2024 as the wheels further fall off of separation between the Masculine and Feminine, humanity's light and dark aspects, and deny our interconnectedness with all existence, including the Earth, humanity and its species. It will progressively become all the more revealed and somatically tangible that we are all connected and affected and accountable.

The days of ‘Oneness’ being solely a product of a heightened state of consciousness will come to an end as we see that ‘Oneness’ is interbeing with all life in its beauty, messiness and darkness. Its matter and spirit, heaven and earth, from the macro to the micro, galaxy to the tiniest subatomic particles, in the Source-Field of Intelligence and Love. And that what happens here in your mind and your town, affects what happens there in another's mind and town. We will more and more see, feel and know that We are One. Oneness.

That being said, 2024’s energies are going to be so intense and powerful many of us are going to want to escape, distract, take refuge on a meditation cushion or on Netflix. Yes, we will need time out to rest, reconfigure and absorb all the new energies, but we will also need to be here, on-point and awake, shifting, moving quickly to keep up with how much the material aspects of life (financial, political, environmental, spiritual, media, AI etc) will be altering and how we must alter and awaken to the fuller evolutionary implications and calls.

If you're an American, you know it's an election year. (In fact, 60% of global governments are facing elections this year.) Are you aware of how much support Biden (now known globally as 'Genocide Joe') is losing and stands isolated amongst Democrats and in the US due to his unconditional support of Israel and its genocidal actions in Gaza? 400 of his own staffers signed a petition in protest. Others have resigned. What are you going to do? And how does this relate to opening the door to another 4 years with Trump? You'd better get on with things. It's not the time for spiritual bypassing.

We all better serve ourselves and others with radical self-honesty, being here with operational boundaries and conducting ourselves from the merged transcendent / masculine / Absolute aspects of spirituality with the immanent / feminine / Relative aspects ... thus functioning on the Earth plane as an empowered blend of both, and taking the required action to bring about change for a New Earth.

Being here and creating the New requires a balance between aspirational visions and possibilities of beauty and harmony, and pragmatic, action-oriented steps. Spiritual bypassing detaches and thwarts us. Combining spiritual growth with a grounded understanding of spirituality and the world's challenges allows for a more effective, masterful and compassionate approach to creating the positive change in all areas of our lives that is so necessary now.

(c) Fatima Bacot All Rights Reserved