GAZA: Ground-Zero of a Great Awakening

Photo illustration: Elise Swain/The Intercept

Write hard and clear about what hurts ~ Ernest Hemingway

· A Mirror and a Voice for the Voiceless and Denigrated
· Not Turning Away
· A Great Awakening Taking Place from the Holy Land
· AI Warfare Being Battle-Tested in Gaza for Export
· The Feminine: Her Children and the Earth Being Slaughtered in Full View
· The Hope is the People in Solidarity
· A New Story


A Mirror and a Voice for the Voiceless and Denigrated

It’s been challenging to write this piece because I have friends and clients of differing backgrounds in many different countries who have their unique perspectives about what has taken place since 7 October, and with the overall context of the last 75 years and how we got here. Additionally, depending upon the country in which one resides, we are all receiving what a given country’s leaders want us to know and support via their mainstream media and propaganda arms unless we empower ourselves with wider research channels and avail ourselves of a greater diversity of global perspectives.

It’s also been challenging because mostly no one in the spiritual community is addressing the horror and its full, genocidal implications, and this silence (and the crimes that silence leads to) has set me on a very deep journey of assessment regarding what I believe, what my place is in this world, what spirituality is to me, what I ultimately stand for, and how I believe we can change things. Maybe I’ll be perceived / judged as ‘going back / backwards’ into the so-called '3D Matrix'; however, this is where my service and heart are taking me, spirit and matter combined.

That being said, people who have travelled with me for a long time know that I view things from a Big Picture, meta-view, holistic, humanitarian perspective that includes humanity, the Earth and all its species, and combines timeless spiritual teachings with leading-edge science for application and action in real terms to change the status quo of both oneself and the collective as part of a forecasted Shift in Consciousness. In that regard, I’ve always spliced political, environmental, technological, geopolitical and financial matters side by side with spiritual teachings because, to me, they co-exist within our human experience and reflect who we are, both individually and collectively.

I am on ‘the side’ of humanity, freedom, human rights, sovereignty, dignity, Life, Oneness and Unity for all in a thriving planetary consciousness. I am on 'the side' of transmuting and ending these abominable cycles of domination, ignorance of who we really are, trauma, oppression and violence, in favour of freedom, knowledge of interconnectedness and holistic beingness in the Field, and of empowerment, love, clarity, dignity, honesty and peace for all human beings.

I do not believe that solely prayer, 'being the Peace', visualization and meditation are going to get us there unless highly coordinated with massive aligned action, and neither will turning away, and it goes without saying, a military solution because violence begets violence. Many blocks and blindspots are still operational within each of us and our human family if circumstances have arrived at this and are to alter.

I believe Gaza holds up a powerful, agonizing mirror of what is and would could be, both positive and negative, and deep consideration of this mirror is crucial, most importantly because of the AI-enabled mass slaughter that has now killed 18,787 people (as at 13 December), most of which are women and children, with neither end nor international intervention in sight. And because it also portends an (AI) future none of us want to experience, with Gaza abhorrently viewed as ‘a laboratory’ for it, if we are asleep at the wheel. Freedoms everywhere for all of us are less guaranteed. It reflects consequences for us all, and as underscored by the disregard of International Law.

By focusing upon Gaza and calling it an Awakening, I am not in any way disregarding the barbarism of 7 October in Israel or the fate of the Israeli hostages in Gaza, or brutal state and settler atrocities and displacement simultaneously escalating in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, or Palestinian children held in Israeli jails without charge, evidence or trial, or the other 30 wars currently taking place worldwide in places like DRC, Ukraine, Myanmar, Kashmir, Yemen and Syria. These are all barbaric.

I am focusing on Gaza due to the unfathomable level of AI-enabled, industrial-scale violence and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and the mass, indiscriminate bombing, destruction and devastation that have taken place in just over 2 months and that are completely out in the open and being shown to the world in real-time. Considered by some the world’s first AI-facilitated possible/actual genocide, the bombing is on par with that of Dresden in WWII. Reports of the IDF-run Telegram channel, 72 Virgins –Uncensored, showing sadistic war porn of the torture and murder of Palestinians with joyful emojis and racist text, is being compared to Abu Ghraib during the Iraq War.

The world has been shocked awake into a global uprising numbering in the millions regarding the unprecedented atrocities taking place. It has produced an unforgettable impact on human consciousness, and is mobilizing millions.

These circumstances not only threaten international peace and security, as well as the safety of Jewish people, Muslims and Palestinians worldwide in rising waves of bigotry and hatred, but are recognized as so horrific in their scale and practice that countries, mainstream news outlets and government staffers that have normally supported such (US-backed) wars without question, are withdrawing that support and/or protesting. (The Prime Ministers of key allies Australia, Canada and New Zealand issued a joint statement this week). An historic vote 153-10 in the UN General Assembly on 12 December of a (non-binding) resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire and for compliance with international law, exposing a huge rift between those all for the slaughter or abstaining in cowardice, and the overwhelming erosion of support for it.

Gaza is exposing and heralding a great many elements, including humanity’s relationship to power and the political classes. It is showing us the danger of silence, denial, turning away or numbing out, and thereby inadvertently condoning war crimes and genocidal incitement, and allowing these to continue.

It is giving voice to humanity and to the voiceless, and gratuitously marginalized, discriminated, discredited, unlawfully detained, exploited and denigrated, considered 'human animals', 'sub-humans', 'non-persons' or the 'less than human' in a struggle for human rights, freedom and life itself.

A great revealing, moral reckoning, mobilization and politicization are taking place, and that’s why I’m calling it an Awakening.

And finally, I want to be clear upfront that when I am referring to blindspots in the spiritual community, I also include myself.

Not Turning Away

Please do see us as human ~ Plestia Alaqad, Palestinian Journalist

I’ve been sitting with the above photo on my desktop since downloading it from The Intercept almost three weeks ago, asking him from within my heart what he wants from me, how he feels, if his family is still alive. How it might feel if he could understand he was being blamed by some in some quarters for 7 October and that it is therefore right to punish or kill him for the barbarism of it. Imagining what he would say to me if I could sit with him, and what I would say to him. I’ve wondered, if he is still alive, what his place in the world will be now, aware that it was uncertain to begin with. Will it simply be a return to the status quo of occupation/apartheid and violence, continual humiliation, bloodshed and expendable human beings? If he is still alive, will he or his family be ‘thinned-out’ as part of the plans for Gaza? Will he become a refugee in Egypt’s Sinai Desert or elsewhere, with no right of return to Gaza? Will he grow up to be a traumatized, enraged and dispossessed Palestinian who lost everything and everyone, along with any hope or chance of living an ordinary life because the status quo remained?

Out of respect I sit with him and choose not to turn away. I have been immersed in countless videos, photos and articles so that I can bear witness to what is occurring. I want him to somehow know that I stood by him and up for him. My heart won’t let me turn away and it feels anguish at the thought of abandoning him. I am holding all in my heart to love, act, validate, evolve, be in solidarity, and alter. I am staying steady with him as my guide so he and others are not suffering alone.

I’ve wondered, how would an empowered, balanced Feminine Principle/ Mother respond to him, and to the mass killing, destruction, starvation and maiming? An empowered, balanced Masculine / Father? Would they turnaway and thus become complicit? What is my / our responsibility and accountability?

How will this little boy be helped to steer clear of vengeance if the status quo of ethnic cleansing and apartheid remain in a repetitive, vicious cycle of abuse, retraumatization, impoverishment, humiliation and wanton imprisonment and killing by design?

How best to Love and protect him, each other, ourselves, humanity, and all of the Earth that is our common home? I recognize that the impulse to stand up arises out of Love and Unity, as well as out of feeling and allowing anger, grief and despair, and being guided by these also.


A Great Awakening Taking Place from the Holy Land

The unprecedented tragedy and apocalyptic revealing unfolding in Gaza have set off a powerful chain-reaction around the world. A situation that is exceptionally complex spiritually, territorially, historically, emotionally, politically, ethically and morally, it is heartbreaking at very disturbing levels. It is triggering not only worldwide mass protest across all walks of life, but also a jarring awakening, due to its extreme nature and because its themes are profoundly archetypal, both dark and light, and centring upon freedom, equality, liberation, safety, sovereignty, worthiness, justice and dignity, and thus, are central to what it means to be a human being and to be seen and valued.

Gaza is a place that is at once Holy and simultaneously also one of the darkest, most dehumanizing and traumatized / traumatizing places on the planet. Location of the world’s largest open-air prison, no, it’s not the only place where unspeakable tragedies are happening to the most innocent and defenceless of us for various ideological, political, religious and financial agendas, but this region on the planet is always powerfully spotlighted when inflamed. It continually serves as a poignant, highly emotive lightning rod that simultaneously shows us the very worst of humanity, its disconnection, capacity for hatred and revenge, and callousness. It shows us deep anguish and suffering, as well as the very best in courage, bravery, deep faith in the Divine, ingenuity, resilience, and endurance for what is possible.

Gaza presents us with a test of our morality, ethics and inner mettle in terms of the capacity to hold within our hearts the full human spectrum of the light and dark, and to own our own shadows, fears and blindspots. It asks us to rise up on behalf of the human family and the Earth, and all that has been distorted, attacked, disregarded, suppressed and repressed by the dominant, authoritarian, patriarchal culture.

The current conflict is a litmus test, born of many conditions coming together in a ‘perfect storm’ reflecting deep disconnection from the Feminine principle that holds all life, the body, the Earth and especially children as sacred. That disconnection enables us to turn away from others’ suffering, as well as to allow or inflict greater levels of it, and mock and celebrate it. In the turning away, it reveals and enables moral bankruptcy, silence and complicity, and the belief that ‘it’s over there and doesn’t involve me’, or that killing leads to peace and security, or that slaughtering children in pursuit of safety and terrorists is sanctioned and blessed by one’s God.

Many of us know that the latest war is not just about safety, getting rid of Hamas, testing AI lethal weaponry, politics, colonialism and occupation / apartheid, religion, imperialism, the weapons manufacturers, the Ben Gurion Canal project, strategic and economic goals, and securing territory and oil for geopolitical / ideological purposes. It’s a reflection of humanity and its/our repressed shadows and disowned capacity to fully feel and be here, with Gaza an horrific outcome and mass, gaping wound. It’s about our state of consciousness, privilege, unprocessed emotion and trauma, escapism, belief systems, racism, enemy-consciousness, ancestral pain, who we are and, ultimately, who we want to be going forward. It’s about our minds and hearts, and their blindness and hardness. It’s about questioning our own humanity and what it means to be human, and whether we truly believe we are One, and that all Life and lives matter and are sacred.

Gaza holds up a mirror to the world. As the bodies pile up in a dystopian, scorched-earth catastrophe, Gaza mirrors the same dynamics that underpin so many of the varied catastrophes happening simultaneously worldwide: the power held in the hands of the very few that rule over the many, for their own purposes, and how that power is acquired, maintained and violently meted out. How this war unfolds will determine who holds power going forward and what kind of power that is. How humanity successfully challenges the status quo (and a terrifying AI future of permanent war and control) will be a determining factor of the pathway humanity creates for itself. Will it be a new paradigm of a thriving planet where all life is valued and those that choose to desecrate the sacred are finally held accountable? Will we have stood up enough, said 'no' enough in service of a different 'yes'?

Already the equivalent of 2-3 times the atomic explosives dropped on Nagasaki/Hiroshima have been dropped with impunity on Gaza’s 25-mile long x 7-mile wide strip, transcending all trends of violence not seen since 1948. The war and evidence of corresponding ‘genocidal incitement’ (UN ref, as senior Israeli officials, and professional groups and public figures call for ‘erasure’, ‘finish them all’, ‘total destruction’) have translated into a global, watershed political awakening: first, in the courage, dignity and human solidarity of the not looking away that would diminish others’ suffering; second, in taking action to challenge power and prevailing status quo narratives; and third, in collaboration to make a difference to others’ suffering and to an outcome beyond the status quo.

As such, government officials and journalists have attested to the schism between how the war is being defined by government, propaganda machines and for what purposes, and what the world is seeing and viscerally experiencing. PR teams are scrambling. Humanity is bearing witness to what is being done in real-time and that runs counter to the narratives being espoused about the massacres and destruction taking place. Humanity is seeing, more than ever before, the cruel, privileged foundations and human rights black holes underpinning our current, pathological power structures and belief systems, those that benefit from them, and how these foment, allow, obfuscate and accelerate catastrophes (environmental, economic, technological, indigenous), despite what the people, the Earth and all its species want and need. What is being made clear is that humanity's interests and the interests of those currently in power are fundamentally different, and that talk of 'human rights' is just that: talk. Cynical talk.

This is the moment.

Those that perhaps did not see before are now learning what these powers have in store for Gaza, and beyond Gaza. They see the horrors being paid for by their taxes and enacted in their names, and are saying ‘no’, ‘this is wrong’, ‘not in my name’, and drawing their own red line as to what not acceptable. They are hearing leaders say to 'mitigate civilian casualties' and watching these same leaders simultaneously send more unchecked military aid for genocidal action, offer political and moral cover, and defend the indefensible with jaw-dropping, Orwellian double-speak.

There has never been a civil society action of this magnitude with respect to this issue, with global populations and ‘unlikely bedfellows’ from numerous backgrounds and global bodies coming together, and within all levels of society and government rising to address the relentless killing and to change the outcome.

This is a unique moment and a great and terrible awakening brought forth barbarically through a genocide/genocidal intent happening at ruthless, unchecked speed thus far, the tragedy of which will be remembered long into the future.

With each passing day, it’s becoming easier to see the pathology and to see who is complicit in the allowing of it by silence, design and contemptuous self-interest, using the language of human rights, freedom and humanitarianism selectively and hypocritically, thereby glaringly revealing that Palestinians are considered the unworthy, lesser and 'less fashionable' victims of violence.

"I do not want to ever hear western democracies lecture the rest of the world on human rights ever again. Only when every single Palestinian is dead or displaced will it be acceptable to treat us as human" ~ Arwa Mahdawi

Many no longer view their countries or ruling classes in the same way for their involvement. They are seeing how the rules-based global order has been approving and supporting it, divorced from reality and ok with it, adding crime upon crime, with no intervention in sight at present. They are filled with shame and embarrassment, offering countless online apologies for their country’s actions, and calling for their leaders to be held accountable for war crimes.

We are witnessing a magnification of the vast imbalance between those in charge and what the majority of human
beings want, accompanied by a growing list of journalists (80 dead), doctors, UN personnel (130 dead), officials, editors and news hosts worldwide that are also being targeted, killed, fired, smeared, suspended, or otherwise sidelined. (Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are calling for official investigations into the committing of war crimes in the targeting of journalists.)

A living hell, with people living in flooded makeshift tents in an ever-shrinking target space, Gaza has become a dystopia experiencing unfathomable agony, dehumanization, denigration and humiliation en masse. It's also the place where the resident population is standing strong in its right to be alive and to be there, with almost all now being homeless and even as it is being liquidated by high-tech lethal weapons, mass starvation and disease, and accompanied by the threat of expulsion into neighbouring countries.

It’s the highlighted place on the Earth right now where the harrowing cries of our fellow brothers and sisters, and all who are standing up, are piercing the status quo fabric of existence and the lies, religious beliefs, exceptionalism, tribalism, colonization practices, imperialism, exploitation, racism etc that have held that fabric together.

Today we are faced by ongoing ecological devastation, polluted air, rising seas, and the world’s worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II. If we can bear to hear the cry—both of the Earth, exploited through our greed and desires, and of the dispossessed, often war-ravaged and exploited by human traffickers and others—how should we fully respond? There is a simple, primary answer: we need to return to the feminine, to reconnect with her principles and values. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

AI Warfare Being Battle-Tested in Gaza for Export

Bombs, mortars, attack helicopters, missiles, drones, tanks shells, white phosphorous munitions: these are some of the weapons first tested in Gaza and after which there is a spike in global demand for them. Likewise with the various AI surveillance tools used as the way in which Palestinians are located, spied upon, surveilled and monitored for segregation and to automate apartheid. Such technology is then sold globally to the world’s governments and to companies like Apple, Intel and Microsoft.

It’s a disturbing relationship amongst Israeli apartheid (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B’Tselem and others), the global surveillance and control of civilian populations, and the global arms/technological network. (Around 100 companies, both foreign and Israeli, manage Israeli occupation/apartheid.)

Called “a mass assassination factory”, much has been revealed regarding ‘Habsora’ (translated as ‘the Gospel’) which is built on AI and that is able to select 100 possible targets daily via algorithms on the premise that they may be Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Once it locates what it considers to be a target from a cell phone, for example, AI-powered lethal weapons then bomb and shell a wide area at that particular location, killing and wounding tens, and at times hundreds of civilians, with the stated emphasis on quantity, not quality.

As part of the unrelenting siege, Palestinians are also directed via leaflet drops to get online with QR codes that link to survival maps that show Gaza carved up into numerous numbered squares. Some squares are marked safe, others not. If they can somehow access both electricity and internet to download such maps and monitor IDF channels, terrified and traumatized civilians of all ages, after 2 months of terror and devastation, need to rush around like human pinballs on the grid, never fully knowing when the map is going to change and which square will save their life. Like a real-life version of The Hunger Games. Sometimes it's just a text message, giving them 10 minutes to evacuate.

The Feminine: Her Children and the Earth Being Slaughtered in Full View

How can a different concept of deity develop — one which embraces the Feminine dimension of the Divine and the realm of nature and would never condone, let alone encourage and promote blood sacrifice? How can we begin to recognize once again the sacredness of Earth, the sacredness of the Cosmos and the role we might play in a great cosmic drama if we were once again able to align ourselves in a harmonious relationship with them? ~ Anne Baring

And so, as an example of the denigration of the Feminine Principle we have seen in just over 2 months, and as at 13 December, at least 18,787 Palestinians have been killed with impunity and without inhibition, of which 7000+ are children, including premature babies that have suffocated because there's no way to power the incubators, with 25,000 now children orphaned, 50,897 people wounded and maimed in the incessant bombardment, and thousands more dead under the rubble. Currently, 85% of Palestinians (again as at `13 December) are internally displaced with nowhere to go and all safe corridors continuing to be bombed, with snipers at the ready to kill those wanting to return north.

Palestinians have been deprived of food, aid, drinking water, electricity, internet, medicine and fuel. Starvation is being used as a weapon of war, according to Oxfam, with 90% on just one meal per day. Women have no sanitary pads. Babies are being born prematurely due to their Mother’s stress. Scabies, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases as well as hepatitis are contributing to humanitarian catastrophe. Palestinians are having to resort to drinking sea water or contaminated water. They are carrying their dead around, trying to figure out where to bury them so they might find their sites again later. Power targets like hospitals, churches, ambulances, roads, water lines, clinics, telecommunications structures, schools, churches, public buildings with all civil records, universities, homes, refugee camps, banks, mosques, bakeries and sewer systems, have been destroyed to tear apart and erase the fabric of Palestinian society and to instil suffering and shock on a population being collectively punished for 7 October, collective punishment being another crime being committed that is against international law.

The destruction is reflected in the decimation of the Feminine Principle that has been historically marginalized in many religious and spiritual traditions, including the New Age movement, and where the concept of God/Source/Spirit is mainly transcendent(the Masculine polarity) rather than both transcendent (Masculine) andimmanent (Feminine)

Although we contain both the archetypal Feminine and Masculine energies and they co-exist throughout all creation, the tendency has been to idealizeand prioritize the Masculine Principle of Self-Realization, transcendence, Ascension, Rapture, Nirvana and higher states of consciousness over Self-Actualization and the nurturing and embodiment of the Feminine Principle in being fully present in the physical world and integrated holistically.

Only when we have reconnected with these feminine principles can we begin the work of creating, enacting and living the changes that are needed at this time, otherwise we easily reconstellate the primarily masculine dynamics that have created our present dangerous divisiveness and imbalance. Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

The archetypal Feminine is Self-Actualization, immanence, the creative vessel of life that contains, nurtures, gives birth, cherishes and protects. It is Mother, the interconnected web of life and relationships, nature,darkness, the Earth, the body, matter, the heart, emotion, feeling, empathy.

The masculine is Self-Realization, transcendence, consciousness, spirit (God), light, heaven, intellect, mind/spirit. It is Father, reason, individuality, rationality, logic, structure, order, energy, goals, compartmentalization, the desire and the capacity to protect.

Practices like meditation, prayer and visualization, while valuable for wellbeing and spiritual growth, for example, can foster an emphasis on detachment, disconnection and disassociation from the (Feminine) material and emotional aspects of life here on Earth. They sideline the importance of interconnected community, empathy, activism and collaborative efforts, and of co-creating a shared future with all human beings in interbeing.

In being focused on transcendence rather than coherently unified and integrated as both spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, heart and mind, dark and light, we run the risk of compartmentalization and it becomes easy to disconnect and to turn away from fully being here. We turn off the news so we don’t have to feel or mar our chances to reside in a New Earth. We stay silent and polarized in the Light of the Absolute, and discard what we brand as ‘the Dark’ for fear we will be ‘contaminated’ by it. We stay split in us and them, spirit and matter, higher and lower, greater and lesser, valuable and unvaluable, superior and inferior.

Staying split limits our full capacities as human beings, and enables us to forget that what is done to the Earth and to one another, is done to us all. In not fully being here and embodied as one with the Earth, humanity and its species in real terms, in not feeling and being frightened of our full range of feelings, we cannot feel truth and we run the risk of stunting ourselves, our responses and creativity, and contribute to the further oppression and harm of the Feminine realm.

We run the risk of neglecting the collective responsibility to address systemic issues contributing to suffering, and ignore the need for social and political change, and a commitment to creating a more equitable, beautiful world. The overemphasis on personal happiness becomes a privilege and keeps the violent paradigm in place even as billions are grappling with war, poverty and other challenging circumstances to which we are all interconnected.

This little boy, Gaza and so many other aspects of Earthly life, including war, happen when we disconnect from and devalue the human experience and the material and feeling realm of the Feminine. He doesn’t disappear just because we pretend he’s not there. Genocidal agendas don’t disappear just because we pretend they are not there. Environmental
devastation and species extinction don’t disappear because we pretend it’s not happening. The disturbing reach into our lives by AI isn’t happening just because we pretend it isn’t.

When we are not fully anchored here in immanence, we bypass straight to transcendence and we leave ourselves open to many dangers, and we are unable to advocate for justice, awareness and change.

In looking at the photo, we can imagine what a transcendent-focused religion/spirituality might be saying to him:

It’s your karma and you brought this on yourself. It is what it is. You exist in a lower frequency. What you are experiencing is only an illusion and not real. You are an illusion. It’s all part of the Plan. You are not your body. God is in charge. My saying ‘no’ to what is happening to you would be judgmental and belongs to my lower self. You are not part of my reality / frequency. It’s in your/Gaza’s astrology chart. My feelings about your experience keep me in a lower frequency and I’m on my way to a New Earth where you can’t enter. It’s not my business. Everything happens for a reason. It's as nature/God intended. Thank you for showing me my shadows. It’s all Love. Be grateful. All is well. It's thisway for a reason. You’re exactly where you need to be. Forgive yourself and forgive the person(s) who dehumanized you, did this to you, killed your family, destroyed your home. This experience is part of the lessons you came to experience. You are part of the Matrix / the 3D. It’s your fault. You created this. It must be your soul contract. You live on a lower frequency. Just let go. Suppress your emotions and experience, andthink positive. Bless you.

We send ‘Love and Light’, we pray, visualize, meditate, but we are removed, unaffected, dissociated, cognitively dissonant so that we remain undisturbed and need not involve ourselves with the messiness of the Feminine realm that is human life.

How much more violent, louder and chaotic does the Feminine realm of the material world and its inhabitants need to become before we stop disconnecting and courageously decide to be fully embody here, revere Life, take a stand and act?

A personal terminal 4 cancer diagnosis, the death of one’s spouse, sexual abuse of a minor in our family, or contamination of our drinking water would trigger anyone of us into shock, grief, anger and sadness, as well as massive action that would include spiritual practice, but not solely spiritual practice. We would become engaged. Not continue drinking contaminated water or allowing a family member to continue being sexually abused.

Gregg Braden, in a recent video, expressed his dismay overspiritual leaders who are not speaking out or addressing the gravity of this war. From those he had spoken to, they said that what is happening is so intense they can’t watch it and they chose to divert their attention instead, or that they are afraid to speak out because the world is so polarized. In the
video, he asked rhetorically whether or not the spiritual tools that have been taught since the 1980s work.

His dismay gives food for thought, and at times, the spiritual community seems paradoxically out of tune with the world's suffering despite promoting ideal states of unity, love, peace, oneness, connection, the sacredness of all life. It seems to ignore the harsh realities that are part of being human and that lead us to deeper humanity, compassion and possible solutions.

For us all, cultivating a more empowered integration of both the Masculine and Feminine Principles could lead to a richer, more holistic, human experience and contribution— one that recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence, and values empathy and collaboration for change.

The voice of the long-silenced Feminine is needed to heal the Wasteland—the current state of the planet and the lives of the billions of men, women and above all, children that are blighted or destroyed by human cruelty, greed and ignorance. Centuries of conflict between nations, religions and ethnic groups have brought us to the present time when we must find a way of transcending this archaic pattern of behaviour or risk destroying ourselves as a species. Will we choose to imitate the patterns of the past, or can we embrace the truly immense transformation of consciousness we will need to make if we wish to forge a different future for coming generations? ~ Anne Baring

Any transcendent vision we hold in our hearts and imaginations does not materialize as a one-time event and is not inevitable. Martin Luther King had a dream 60 years ago that is still being actualized. A vision in a meditation of one’s bestselling book takes time, discipline and effort to actualize in this reality. A vision or a dream is a guiding light for the necessary, consistent spiritual practices and actions on the Earth that need to be undertaken. The grounded, holistic foundation, both human and divine, transcendent and immanent, spirit and matter, darkness and light, and that is able to bring a vision or idea from the non-physical realms into physical manifestation

The capacity to fully feel what is occurring powerfully spikes awareness and expansion, and invites us into action in service of outcomes. The raw, unprecedented catastrophe that has been unfolding and continues to unfold blows open the full spectrum of consciousness, breaks apart existing frameworks and beliefs, and triggers greater emotional awareness, maturity and capacity for something better, much better, to occur.

Gaza and all the other sickening wars show us the misanthropy we are working with and humanity’s cry for freedom, what must change, and also, where we might go as we allow ourselves to break open and our hearts to flower holding the full expanse of the human experience, its dark and light, and to stay present with what is being revealed, and let that revealing bring forth new drive, energy, passion and ideas with which to bring about the very necessary changes required.

The Hope is the People in Solidarity

A tidal wave of voices is getting louder and louder in the calling for freedom, justice, validation, dignity, democracy, civil and human rights for the people that actually need them.

That’s why Gaza is ground zero and is so important as an intersection point between the past and the future, and why it is important to be present for it. Firstly, out of respect for those paying with their lives, and secondly, who you might become and what you might contribute as a result to a different outcome.

As part of this tidal wave (and as forecasted for the next 20 years as part of Pluto in Aquarius, for those readers who are
astrology afficionados), it will be the ‘Global South’ finding its voice and its footing and taking centre stage regarding the exploitation it has endured at the hands of those countries and ruling classes that have had the preponderance of power. Dramatic changes in societal and collective groupings will be highlighted in terms of structures, technology and the way people relate to one another. Questions of what it means to be a human being will be dominant, and Gaza, with its population considered 'human animals' by some and being mass-murdered via AI-powered lethal weapons, foreshadows and exposes aspects of what we are dealing with, so these can be purged and transformed.

Ideologies and systems that maintain us-vs-them and that have denigrated people and the Earth as ‘lesser’, and situations that have been left to fester or that have been violently put down, will not be silent and will not stay down. The movement will be based on the idea that human beings are all worthy of dignity, civil and human rights, a voice, democracy, prosperity.

We will see what is corrupted and outdated when it comes to society and humanity. Older oppressive systems where civil and human rights are non-existent or threatened, where people are voiceless, dehumanized and exploited based on privilege and for the ‘Global North’ will be under fire. We will see and have to come to terms with those structures and beliefs that are creating separation, oppression, limitation, injustice and suffering.

It will be a time to be engaged and to collaborate for more balance, peace and harmony, and for freedom from oppression based on the foundation that we are all equal and have a right to exist. Whatever is not egalitarian and democraticized, and wherever access to the necessities of life have been denied, will come to the surface to be acknowledged and changed. We will see whether or not we look out for each other.

On a challenging front, we will see the dangers of ‘herd mentality’ and conforming to what the group wants, depending upon its consciousness level, and as connected to AI as well and the controlling technology imposed on us, lack of data privacy and the 5thgenerational warfare used to manipulate consciousness. Technology will very much be front and center and completely revolutionize our lives.

So again, how we relate to Gaza and the mirror it is showing us, all its components and all it represents from a humanitarian perspective and what is means to be a human being, shows us an intersection of many critical
factors simultaneously. It is indeed a mirror, and tragically, a laboratory of a course that will further humanize or
dehumanize, depending upon the choices made.

A New Story

I believe this is a crucial time to unflinchingly peer into the mirror that the Holy Land represents and to be changed by it, and in being changed, bring our greatest holistic tools and gifts to the collective in solidarity for humanity, the Earth and all its species. For a New Story that progressively leads to the establishing of a New Earth.

I believe we must bring these to the table of humanity in the embodied awareness that can hear and bear humanity’s cries for freedom and not turn away, so that we can together bring all our dreams, the dreams of humanity, into existence.

Of course it is going to messy. We have to change, especially as voices and groups that have been silenced and sidelined come forward, and as we put into place the practices, forms, infrastructure, governments that do serve
humanity, the Earth and its species, and as we counter the rise of AI and technology to retain our humanity by fully being here, embodied, integrated, grounded and in love with Life, all Life, as it is right now and what it will be.

Gaza is an awakening because important, glaring, uncomfortable blocks, blindspots and truths are being revealed about ourselves and at large. If we can fully embrace the horror and denial, if we can hear the howls for freedom and answer them, we could change the destructive course that we are on repeat with right now. We could come together as one to say ‘no’ to slaughter and ‘yes’ to Life.

Gaza calls us to hold a vision that respects that all human beings. It calls us to attend to necessary healing and the release of trauma and hatred through mediation, healing practices, truth and reconciliation processes where the parties really find each other and tell their stories (especially those individuals that have been the most voiceless and have suffered the most). It calls us to speak truth to power and to transmute/overthrow systems of oppression, by the various means open to us as human beings. A true, many-parts consciousness shift, along with the leading-edge solutions and governing structures that would emerge and foster renewed and regenerated communities and nations and that truly speak to self-determination, freedom, inalienable rights, intrinsic and equal worth, oneness, peace, love and dignity.

Gaza is the mirror containing it all and, as such, is a call to awaken and to heal what is within us of a disconnected, disempowered Feminine that subsequently allows us to look away and be complicit in the recycling of the same.

Gaza breaks our hearts open, if we let it, asking us to be fully human and engaged, seeing into the heart of the abyss.

Gaza reminds us we are interconnected in interbeing with the Quantum Field, and as we hold to a vision of what is possible and what is magnificently and inherently true about us as human beings and creators, a new story of humanity is entirely possible in interexistence, as we choose to fully be here now and bring our greatest tools and act to alter the current system.

We cannot predict the outcomes, but Gaza compels and invites us to see all as transmuting, reconciliating itself and evolving, holding the wisdom of the power of intent and an integrated beingness, and acting in service of a powerful vision of a thriving, harmonious humanity as already fulfilled and accomplished, and reverse-engineering from that vision in the timeline of the Earth to actualize it in real-time as we go forward.

It's up to us.

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