Official Launch: Transformational Mushroom Retreat ~ April 2024

Many of us know we are the Creators of our experiences, but as the world grapples with uncertainty and turmoil in these incredibly unsettling, volatile times, many of us may be struggling with limiting ourselves or self-sabotage, or feeling stagnant or unwell.  

Despite doing everything and every practice we know of to release old, sabotaging patterns, we are still stuck and long to break free!

The thing is, so many of the conventional strategies and practices that worked before are simply no longer working, or they are not working fast enough to keep up with change and keep us inspired, healthy, purposefully on-track, and successfully navigating and creating the New.      

I have been listening and observing, and am thus excited to officially announce the ‘RESET & LIBERATE: Transformational Mushroom Retreat for Men and Women in Mexico

Here are some aspects of what you’ll experience and receive:                            

  • 3-Phase Right of Passage: Pre-Trip Preparation x 2 Sessions, the 8-Day Retreat, Post-Trip Integration x 4
    Sessions (plus an optional 3-days in Mexico with Fatima is on offer)
  • Deep Groupwork for Maximum Care & Resetting: You'll be part of a small group of individuals who are likewise committed to freeing themselves of the old. Included are: Guided meditations, breathwork, chakra balancing, manifesting exercises, journaling, share circles       
  • Temazcal: This traditional Mexican sweat lodge ceremony is known for its healing properties and it will help release toxins from your body, mind, emotions and spirit.    
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms: These natural psychedelics have been used for centuries to induce altered states of consciousness and promote spiritual insight. They will assist you to release trauma and egoic barriers and facilitate healing, creativity, freedom, as well as accelerate your personal growth.   
  • Cacao: This sacred plant medicine is used in traditional Mayan ceremonies to open the Heart and connect with higher consciousness. You'll receive ceremonial cacao and participate in guided meditations to help you connect with your deep inner wisdom.                        
  • Sound Healing: Your journey includes various forms of sound healing, which will help you to harmonize all your energy fields and centers, and promote wellbeing and freedom.      
  • Luxury Accommodation, Beautiful Food     

You will also be connecting into the powerfully-amplifying, shamanic vortexes that are part of the the Yucatan’s Sacred Network in the jungles, cenotes and ruins at Tulum to release what no longer works and to fully manifest and live your True Self and Soul Purpose.   

This 3-Phase Sacred Rite of Passage is for accelerated, breakthough nurture and healing, growth, and
transformation. It’s all about you stripping away and dissolving your painful, limiting patterns and rebirthing yourself into
a New Self and a New Life for these times of the Global Shift.        

HERE is what I mean. As you peruse all that’s on offer, imagine yourself in Mexico experiencing all these Ceremonies, and receiving all for your liberation and highest good in this time of acceleration.  

And when you do, you’ll…                                      

  • reset, liberate and reconnect your Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit, and feel greater wholeness and a powerful sense of Purpose                    
  • collapse fear and trauma, and dissolve layers of stuck energy and outdated patterns                    
  • clear the decks so what you magnetize reflects your Worthiness, Truth & Highest Potential                    
  • experience deeper Allowing and Confidence to freely create your Life and live in the New                    
  • know you can finally stop holding yourself back, and instead, take charge of your Life in passion, freedom and purpose in these exhilarating times                                  

As we know from the ancient mystery schools and from leading-edge science, as you change your energy and change yourself internally, your outside reality changes also.   

The cost of doing nothing affects all our areas of our Lives. The old patterns must go!  

And this is precisely why I have included psilocybin mushrooms in highly supervised, nurturing ceremonies: they are known the world over as powerful entry points to shift your blocks, energy, consciousness, perspectives and Life dramatically. To experience them, and all else in loving and caring environments during the Transformational Mushroom Retreat, is a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable investment in yourself, your Future and your freedom as a human being.    

If the above ignites a knowing and a spark deep within you, I invite you to…

Join me for a transformational Journey that will RESET & LIBERATE you out of the painful past and your sabotaging comfort zone and into your Heart and True Self…. for these times, and for personal and planetary evolution.   

The greatest Gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and all living beings on the Earth right now is your Liberated Self.             

  Limited to just 9 Participants.   

In Love and Kindness, Fatima xx

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