Embracing the Power of 'Fake it until you Make it'

Who do you want to be and what do you want to experience in these times ofimmense change, breakdown and potential?

I am sure we have all heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it”…

Embracing this is not about pretending or deceiving yourself; rather, it is aboutcreating your reality and experiences via consciously and profoundly aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your desires and aspirations.

We possess an incredible ability to shape our reality through our beliefsand intentions. By intentionally stepping into the version of ourselves we wish to become and the lives we wish to lead, we electromagnetically set in motion powerful processes of transformation, creation and manifestation.

In essence, we are essentially taking on the traits, values, mindset, andemotions of the person we envision ourselves to be. By doing so, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and begin to resonate with the energy of our desires. As we consistently align our thoughts and actions with this higher vision, all the while consciously paying attention to the synchronistic hints and signs along the way, we start to manifest it as a reality in our lives.

In the frequency-based quantum model of creating, you can’t get to where youwant to go being the person you currently are: you must become ‘a new person’ that then electromagnetically draws to yourself the fulfilment of your aspirations.

This process requires patience, awareness, personal responsibility, self-compassion,and persistence because change often takes time due to the stubborn, fear-based nature of our old patterns and beliefs. It's crucial to remain gentle with
ourselves as we navigate this transformative path.

We must also cultivate an unwavering belief in our abilities: when we couple our intentions with genuinefaith and belief, the Universe responds in remarkable ways. It conspires to support us on our journey towards becoming the person we aspire to be and helping us to bring about our new realities.

Knowing such power, we can dare to dream big and courageously step into theversion of ourselves that reflects our deepest desires.

I invite you to utilize the tools and practices that make the mostsense to you to release any self-limiting beliefs to manifest a life filled with love, joy, and abundance.

"Fake it until you Make it" is not about living in denial orputting on a facade. It's about embodying the best version of ourselves and allowing that electromagnetic energy to guide our actions and decisions, and attract our best lives and selves. In so doing, we unlock the limitless potential that resides within us.

In Love and Kindness, Fatima xx

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