New Trajectories & Potentials

New Trajectories & Potentials

Sometimes it takes the wrecking ball, the tsunami, the earthquake or a hurricane to blow wild, because: …the old order of your life has got to go so something much truer and more authentic can be desired and made manifest.

It’s a no-nonsense energy that arises from within, or it’s an in-your-face person or circumstance….that delivers the trigger and the impetus.

You can be sure you will actually have been asking for change for quite some time. You will have been asking for greater authenticity, intimacy, wellbeing, fun, happiness, truth, creativity, money.

You will have been longing to be involved in work or relationships that validate you, are true for you and that celebrate you.

If you’ve waited way too long, this energy-trigger may not arrive in ‘a nice package’ at all.

Sometimes, too, it may need to take you by surprise because if you’re expecting it, you’d be prepared and might try to put a stop to it.

However it arrives, it directs you to take a look at where you’re hurting, what you’re putting up with, what needs changing. Sometimes it necessarily calls you to the depth of your suffering so you finally choose to transform, rather than stuff down your truths through addiction, denial and distraction which fester and become resentment, anger, blame, depression, stagnation, self-rejection and illness.

Ultimately, it ‘kicks ass’ and comes out swinging so that you, too, can come out swinging and take charge of the wheel again.

When it comes, it’s the wake-up call to leave behind the cycle of your old self and become the co-creator of the bigger purpose trying to work its way through you and into a new trajectory in your life.

This process applies both personally and collectively….and most especially, NOW…in this time of great, uncharted potential and creative possibility, pushing us far beyond previous parameters, formulas and paradigms.

Do you recognize this energy? It’s ‘asking you’ to create and not wait. There’s nothing to wait for. The time of waiting for some authority or guru to tell you what to do, what to create, which way to turn….is over, or almost over.

This is a different time entirely and it is best to gather your tools and wits and cooperate with it.

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.