Influencing the Creative Process

“….the physical world is generated from the subtle worlds in a perfect balance and now it is possible to directly influence the creative process, instead of limiting ourselves to the role of simple spectators, or
confining ourselves to being the outcome of such processes.”
(Sergio Magaña, from 2012–2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun)

Conscious evolution and conscious creation require the embrace of responsibility in order to progress more deeply into our current power-point moment.

They also necessitate a different kind of education than most of us have received.

It’s an education pertaining to the interconnectedness of all systems, life areas and the energetics of our bodies.

These are all interconnected in precise, mathematical ‘equations’ and harmonic movements.

That is to say: things are not random. Rather, they are purposeful, meaningful.


In the reality we are transitioning from, however, we recognize that this has not been understood en masse.

Neither have we recognized the power we each intrinsically possess. In fact, our lives have been largely based on giving power away to authorities.

However, all serves a purpose and we are naturally always building from what has gone before.

What we see now is that the authorities don’t have the answers to our most pressing concerns and issues. And they don’t have them because they are no longer ‘supposed to’.

That is, human beings are no longer meant to be in playpens. The evolutionary dynamic is positioning us into embracing Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Sovereignty, Conscious Partnership with the Field….and creating from That.


It’s an altogether different foundation. One not based upon egoic survival and all its manipulations, power-games and fears….but rather, harmonic alignment through Presence, the Power of Now, the Field, the Source, the Zero-Point (however you wish to name it).

This moment requires that you facilitate the co-creation of each of the moments and manifestations of your life.

And this most often necessitates deep changes to the way we live, how we think and what we focus upon….in order to cease repeating the same results.


We have front-row seats and we need to each ask ourselves, what am I dreaming?

That is, are your dreams, thoughts, stories and narratives healing ones, or are they destructive, fearful, angry, worrying ones? What are the contents of your thoughts? Are you creating a coherent, harmonic energy field, or do your thoughts tear you and others down into incoherence and powerlessness?

The experience of your reality will follow.


Going forward, and as we transition between the old world and the new on the heels of two very challenging years, we are urged to transcend the old limitations and narratives, and to consciously create those creations that serve humanity’s greater destiny and wellbeing, which will in turn serve us personally.

Such creations are in alignment with a higher good, a higher harmonic, a more integrated and whole state of being….and yes, they serve us all, not just a select few.

It’s time to think big. Dream big. Partner with the other change-agents on the planet who are rising, rising, rising.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and semantics: partner with those others (though they may seem strange bed-fellows to begin with) and rise, rise, rise.

Get moving. Keep moving. CREATE.

What did Eckhart Tolle write in ‘A New Earth’?

“Humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die….If the structures of the human mind remain
unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same
evils, the same dysfunction.”

And so: die to your old ways…..and evolve.

Stop waiting for the rescue: become the authority and author of your own life and influence the creative process like you were born to do.

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.