Ancient Calendars & a New Paradigm

We are living in a polarized time of increasing conflict and extremes, in between worlds, realities and ‘normals’, when the chaotic movement towards control and destruction or freedom and creation could go either way, depending upon humanity’s collective choices.

Looking for clarity, many recall the numerous ancient calendars and prophecies of the Mayans, Aztecs, Hopi and others, including the Tibetans, Chinese and Hindus as a means by which to deconstruct what’s occurring and to more mindfully, consciously and powerfully walk through all the debris into a newly reignited and regenerated future.

These ancient calendars and prophecies, as well as leading-edge visionaries and spiritual development leaders, are in agreement that our time of extreme reflects an ending and a beginning. This time is purported to be the ‘end of the world as we know it’, with a corresponding passage into a completely new paradigm and way of living.

In one way or another, the various prophetic calendars herald a time relating to the ‘renewal and regeneration of humanity’. Considered the ‘dawning of Universal Consciousness and the Fifth World’ by the ancient Maya, or the time of the Sixth Sun according to the Aztecs, for example, it is a complex time filled with revolutionary, multidimensional and
fast-moving chaos and possibility.

Simultaneously, it is the commencement of a new mindset, paradigm and worldview via a radical dismantling and an alteration into new ways of thinking, perceiving, experiencing, imagining, creating and organizing, and that will be progressively out-pictured in new politics, currencies (namely crypto), economies, communities, sciences, technologies (like blockchain and the Metaverse) and in our relationships to the Earth, each other, and ourselves.

Building upon all previous epochs, civilizations, technologies and advancements, we are said to have the opportunity to evolve into higher, unified expressions of ourselves, and more cognizant of our connectedness within the global, holistic, living systems that respond to our thoughts, intentions, emotions, feelings and behaviours.

It is the long-forecast acceleration and flowering of humanity’s consciousness from being controller or hapless victim of circumstances, and the awakening into being an awakened, innovative, co-creative partner within all systems, and for the better.

And in that regard, millions are aching for, desiring and actively imagining and creating something other than disease, corporate tyranny, fear, control and destruction. The collective cry from amongst all the escalating environmental, political and economic crises that abound, is symptomatic of the desire for something other than limitation, despair and destruction in spite of all the fear the unknown presents.

The various calendars and prophecies by which entire cultures have been guided, and their forecasts relating to the breakdowns, renewal and regeneration of humanity and the Earth, are dramatically reflected in chaos in finance, relationships, health, families, economies, in ecosystems and nations.

Earth-changes like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, volcanic eruptions and climate change are wreaking havoc worldwide. Species extinction is escalating. National debts are enormous, and exacerbated by covid19 policies. Governments and media have lost their ways.

The outdated scientific determinism that claims the universe to be ‘nothing but a ‘machine’ and that can be reduced to parts for humanity’s use in a ‘survival of the fittest’ game, has given us an almost-exclusive focus upon competition, separation from each other and all life, a selfish materialism and survival-based destruction at all costs. 

The Mayan Coba Stele Calendar

So, what was the Mayan worldview and how is it perhaps helpful to us as a possible, newly-imagined evolutionary template that can assist now? Although the various end-dates of the Mayan Calendar have passed, it is fascinating to look at what the Mayan worldview portended, as best we can, given all the speculation and hype.

Numerous scholars and academics have spent years researching what was left behind in order to determine wisdoms for our world today. One such researcher is biologist Dr Carl Johan Calleman, who had been studying the Maya since 1979, and he presented information regarding the Mayans having marked out 9 different evolutionary levels, each with 13
segments, beginning approximately 16.4 billion years ago, as part of their Coba Stele (monument or tablet) Master Calendar, found in the Yucatan, Mexico. (The beginning point if 16.4 billion years ago is very close to the theory by scientists of the age of our universe, as dated from ‘the Big Bang’ that set all in motion, perhaps 14.7 billion years

These levels (called ‘Underworlds’) and segments (called ‘Days’ and ‘Nights’) are said to map out the history of our Universe, moving through the 9 Levels, from the Cellular Level to the Individual Level, and onwards through the Family, Tribal, Cultural, National, Planetary and Galactic Levels, with each of these eight levels building on from the one before (hence the term ‘underworld’, which can be considered more an ‘under-level’).

The progression into the final and 9th level (the Universal Consciousness Level) is said to have begun perhaps in either February or March 2011, and ended in late October 2011, at which point the Mayan Calendar would end and the blueprinted evolutionary potential for Universal Consciousness in human beings would be available. That is, a blueprint would be available pertaining to potential unity, along with healed left and right sides of the brain, feelings of oneness, a sense of citizenship with one another, and our connectedness with the Earth, a global mind, and with Universal Intelligence (called by some God, the Quantum Field, the Divine Matrix, the Field, the Source, for example, and just to name a few).

Rather than getting caught up in the semantics of exact dates and debating these, it is more valuable to look at the Mayan contribution and to look for powerful connecting points regarding humanity and the Earth having entered a timeframe that points to a fast-moving shift from one worldview to another now.

In that regard, the 9 levels and 13 segments are extremely detailed, involved and fascinating to work with. They show a purposeful, clear evolutionary blueprint that can be tracked historically by referencing them against the Earth’s and humanity’s evolution, achievements, and the rise and fall of civilizations, for instance, and into increasingly rapid evolutionary acceleration and subsequent connectedness and partnership with all of life and Universal Consciousness.

Such an integrated, merged partnership would anchor human beings into increased awareness of their relationship to all life, as well as the ability to impact the Field, and into enhanced creativity, holistic thinking and feeling, riding new waves of possibility in all our key life sectors as human beings.

As such, the ongoing collapse of older systems is right on schedule, and without the need to fix it but to drop it and build anew.

Up until this time, human beings as a whole (and excepting the great avatars, visionaries, poets, writers, artists and musicians) have rarely experienced such states. The Mayan Calendar and others, though, point to a humanity more illuminated and the potential for a newly conscious, thriving planetary culture of welcomed empowerment, unique diversities, awareness and unity following the evolutionary leap from an outdated worldview, way of living and being to another.

The True Path or the Zig-Zag Way

Paris-born, Robert Boissiere (who came to the US after World War II), spent many years living with the Hopi in Arizona. In his book, Meditations with the Hopi, and in Chapter 6, ‘The Upperworld and The Hopi Prophecy The Day of Purification’, he wrote:

When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have
then come for the return to the true path, or going the zig-zag way.

The zig-zag way is undoubtedly the path we have been treading, but humanity wants something else.

Robert Boissiere continues:

We all are the caretakers of life. The balance of nature depends on us. The world will be what we want it to be.

However these times are described or forecast, it is clear we are at a critical juncture, akin to passing through the eye of a needle. We are called to exit from our most destructive patterns, beliefs and structures so that we can imagine and create better futures.

The ‘true path’, and as leading-edge scientific disciplines such as quantum physics and epigenetics inform us, relates to us knowing that we are in deep partnership with one another, our bodies, the earth and to a Universal Intelligence, however we come to understand that partnership and our active relationship with it. They point to us recognizing that
we are more powerful than we realize, and that what we do, what we say, what we think and feel – have an impact upon the Field.

How we progress from here is entirely within the scope of our imaginations, ingenuity and powerfully rests in our hands. one thing we can be sure of in 10 years’ time, who we are today and the lives we once lived, will be completely unrecognizable.

The sky is the limit for the creation of a new paradigm entirely.

Post excerpted and adapted from Insight Four in The Revolution is Love © Fatima Bacot 2014