Being a Keeper of Frequency in Volatile Times

In the midst of the chaotically-evolving, volatile landscape of our world, the role of a “Keeper of
Frequency” holds paramount significance. (Some of you may remember this term from thewritings of Barbara Marciniak.)

In a nutshell, a Keeper of Frequency is a person who understands that everything in the Universe, including thoughts, emotions, physical matter and reality, emits its unique energy signature or vibrational frequency. These frequencies influence and shape our experiences, relationships, our overall wellbeing, as well as co-create humanity’s evolutionary trajectory.

A Keeper of Frequency is consciously aware that we are all interconnected with the Unified Field, and chooses to actively manage their vibrational energies and frequencies to create more positive, loving, transformative, and harmonious experiences in their life and in the world around them.

In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle wrote about ‘frequency-holders’, saying, “Their task is to bring spacious stillness into this world by being absolutely present in whatever they do. There is consciousness and therefore quality in what they do, even the simplest task”.

Now, more than ever, and by whatever name we call such awareness and mastery, understanding and harnessing the power of our vibrational frequencies is not just a spiritual pursuit but a practical necessity for:

Navigating a Chaotic World: Our world is marked by unprecedented levels of stress and violence, information overload and propaganda, and constant distractions. Being a Keeper of Frequency is essential for maintaining inner peace, reducing anxiety, and navigating the escalating chaos with clarity.

Resilience and Adaptability: As the world undergoes rapid, chaotic changes, our ability to adapt becomes crucial. Keepers of Frequency can quickly adjust their vibrational energy to align with the changing circumstances, fostering
resilience and a positive outlook.

Healing and Well-Being: Vibrational frequencies play a pivotal role in our physical and emotional well-being. In a time when more people than ever are on anti-depressants and we are experiencing epidemic levels of disease, understanding how to raise our frequencies not only supports overall health, but can heal us of disease.

Unity and Connection:The importance of interconnectedness has never been clearer. Keepers of Frequency recognize that we are all part of a vast web of energy. By consciously emitting higher vibrational frequencies, we can foster unity,
compassion, and stronger connections with others, bridging divides in our families, societies and nations.

Co-Creating a Better Future: As we face threshold-level global challenges, being a Keeper of Frequency allows us to collectively raise our vibrational energies to manifest positive changes. By focusing on solutions and emitting frequencies of love and harmony, we can co-create a better, more sustainable world.

Accessing Higher Wisdom: In a rapidly changing world, access to higher wisdom is invaluable. Keepers of Frequency can tap into their inner guidance, as well as the collective cosmic wisdom, to make informed and enlightened decisions amidst overwhelming distraction, negativity and propaganda.

Personal Fulfillment: Finally, the pursuit of a higher vibrational frequency leads to personal fulfillment. As we align with our true purpose and passion, we contribute positively to the world and experience a profound realization, connection and joy.

Ultimately, my friend, becoming a Keeper of Frequency is not just a personal spiritual endeavour: in our interconnected world, it is a call to action to elevate our consciousness, embrace unity, and co-create a world that resonates with love,
harmony, and wisdom.

I believe the time to embrace and cultivate this path is now, for the betterment of ourselves and our planet.

In Love and Kindness, Fatima xx

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