The Power of your Core Self

At the very core of who you arelies a reservoir of untapped, limitless energy, intelligence and creativity. It is like a vast ocean ofpotential, awaiting your acknowledgment and direction.

When you learn to connect with andfocus this deep, infinite well of consciousness, you awaken the power to shape your reality andmanifest your deepest desires.

An important part of this involves releasing the chains of self-doubtand limiting beliefs that have held you back for far too long. When you can do this, you embrace the beauty of imperfection and recognize that each moment is an opportunity to pivot out of the past and to grow and expand.

Numerous practices enable you to tap into your Core Self and into the realm ofinfinite possibilities: meditation, mindfulness, psychedelics, journalling, learning to listen to your inner voice, various healing modalities, identifying the habits and addictions that hold us back, spending time in nature, doing restorative yoga.

These all nurture the Love withinthat is the ‘ultimate key’ that opens all doors: the relationship you have with yourselfsets the tone for all other manifestations and connections inyour life.

You realize you are not a victim of circumstancebut the creator of your experiences within the yin-yang Play of Consciousness. You dissolve the barriers that hinder your growth. You heal distortion andcreate a life aligned with your highest purpose.

Through the power of your CoreSelf, Life becomes a synchronistic,seemingly-miraculous journey. You create space for vibranthealth and well-being to flourish. Love becomes the catalyst for transformation, dissolving the shackles of ‘what-was’ and allowing your true essence toshine forth.

I invite you to connect with your Core Self and in thisintense time of the Shift in Consciousness, let it lead you to creating a life of joy, purpose, community and fulfillment. Unlock your true essence for thesetimes and transform your entire Life.

In Love and Kindness, Fatima xx

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