Liberation through Personal Responsibility

Take Total Personal Responsibility if you really want to truly feel free to consciously mold the clay of your life. Playing the victim in any area of life leads to powerlessness and the many disruptive challenges unfolding globally.

Eckhart Tolle wrote,

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”

Tough call sometimes, but this is hugely empowering because, in accepting full responsibility for what has show up, where you are right now and staying out of blame (karma, your partner, your government, judiciary, banker, the bad childhood, the boss that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth, your God, your health, the weather – whatever), you can
look at what your circumstances are showing you, learn from them and re-pattern yourself in order to effect the necessary change(s).

You can then place yourself in the driver’s seat as to what you are going to choose to do with an upgraded focus and act upon from this moment forward, however unloving, challenging, ‘unfair’ and dark the current circumstances may be. ⁠

You can change your whole Life, as well as participate in an upgraded evolutionary trajectory as regards humanity and the Earth.

Personal Responsibility enables us to ask ourselves questions like:⁠

  • What is the circumstance teaching or showing me about how I use my energy, my focus?
  • How can I see this differently?⁠
  • How can this help me with what I really want in life?⁠
  • How did my/our choices lead me here?⁠
  • Did I feel any ‘red flags’?⁠
  • Is this an ongoing theme for me that repeats?⁠
  • What beliefs may be creating these results?⁠
  • What do I need to change about myself? ⁠
  • What do I need to let go of? ⁠
  • What do I need to face?⁠
  • Who do I need to forgive (including myself)?⁠
  • What can I now make space for?⁠
  • Do I enjoy being ‘a victim’ in a way?⁠
  • Does this ‘help me’ to play small in life and not take chances and go in the direction of what I really want in my career, relationships, etc?⁠
  • What would I rather create & experience?

It’s no secret that this time is considered ‘The Great Turning’, ‘The Great Reset’ and other such names of tremendous gravity…

The US, for example, is undergoing its first Pluto Return from 2022-2024 (Pluto returning to where it was 4 July 1776) and as such all that is decayed and in need of collapse, overhaul and rebirth will be on the table for complete social, economic, judicial, political and cultural transformation in the years ahead.

It is a time of both external and internal crisis, where there is much to be undone, and the rest of this year accelerates the undoing all the more for us all.

Nobody is being ‘allowed’ to fall asleep at the wheel of their life: the decks must be cleared for the New to be envisioned and manifested. We have to got to move, get on with it.

As a result of empowered questioning, you create the space that accepts then transcends shock, anxiety, fear, judgement, self-pity, victim-consciousness, blame, revenge and self-justification, and for other possibilities to come to your attention, along with better choices from which to create your life, relationships, career, finances, health, economic and political systems, and more.⁠

You gift yourself with the power to do something with your thoughts, emotions, imagination and behaviour about your circumstances…or see them in another way to open yourself up to possibilities you didn’t notice before. ⁠

So take a good look at yourself and where you may still be playing ‘the victim card’: your Life and the evolutionary trajectory are demanding much more from you at this time. It’s so often why the shocks come: as a wake-up call.

Every great story, fairytale and mythology has its ‘villains’. Villains are critical to the development
of the protagonist. There’s no story without the villain.

It’s time to experience the shock, anxiety, confusion, anger, despair, sleeplessness etc, absolutely, but it’s also time to view the circumstance for the wake-up it may well be, know your value and your gifts, adjust what needs adjusting within and without, imagine how things might change, and go forward with resilience, planting the seeds of the very necessary New.

Liberate yourself through taking total personal responsibility and thus give yourself the widest expanse of possibility and potential to create the New that you so long to experience.

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.