Everything is Happening FOR You

What if everything is happening for you, rather than to you?

I think there are times we wonder how it is that we created that outcome.

As in, there’s an outcome we dearly nurtured by coming into alignment with it at all levels of our beings. We consistently practiced thinking, feeling and living as if it had already manifested. We were ticking off all the boxes and progressively overcoming the old, habitual self and life. Beautiful synchronicities were taking place.

And yet, that showed up.

How we respond to that depends upon our model of reality.

According to the consensus model, at this point, we might be tempted to go into thoughts of what we (or others) did wrong, endless analysis, …. or, downgrading from there, into anger, guilt, not being enough, unworthiness, judgment and blame, self-blame, or even despair and a sense of failure.

In another model, any and all outcomes, especially the most challenging ones, are opportunities for you to go within and further free, refine and finetune yourself into even greater alignment, with even greater, truer outcome. The so-so outcome and any corresponding negative emotions are merely launchpads into the New.

That is, so-so outcomes are not failures, judgments or pronouncements about one’s or another’s worth or worthiness, etc: rather, they lead us to finetuned, deepened, fresh desires in the key areas of our lives.


How much do we hurt ourselves by staying stuck, regurgitating the outcome, rather than simply making the adjustment in favour of a new desire filled with an even stronger calling, intent and purpose?

Why not, rather, give thanks to all challenging circumstances, accept all that’s shown up… and then finetune to our Heart’s content to wherever the Path may next lead and with whom?

True, it is uncomfortable sitting in a challenged outcome, but it is also a doorway into you allowing and opening to more, feeling more, dreaming and creating more. It brings things to the surface more details, makes you know you are alive and keeps you in flow.

On the other hand, ruminating, blaming, condemning, telling the same story, analysing, justifying and defending inhibit both your growth and freedom.

Remembering that where attention goes, energy flows in this electromagnetic, vibrational universe in which we live, you will discover that you are simply holding that story in place and broadcasting out for the same to show up again.

“All is Mind” say the ancient mystical texts and avatars, in a limitless Field of Energy that responds to your every thought, with your reality a reflection of your most dominant, habitual ones. This is mirrored by the world’s indigenous peoples, New Thought leaders, and the fields of leading-edge science (neuroplasticity, epigenetics, quantum physics, neuroendocrinology and others).

You have a powerful ability to focus in amongst all the possibilities available, and to direct your focus. Setbacks and challenges help you to finetune and more deliberately focus.

When you know this, you start to dance with the Universe and your outcomes in far more empowered, joyful and appreciative ways, knowing that everything is happening for you, rather than to you.

Say to yourself….

X____ happened for me.

Y____ happened for me.

Z____ happened for me’.

Ah, I get it now.

Ultimately, the Field (through all the people, circumstances and avenues in your Life) is continually bringing you and everyone endless options, both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, precisely so that you can expand into greater aspects of yourself, your character and your desires, whatever these may uniquely be for you.

How much more creative choice and power might you then free up and have at your fingertips to meet your life more consciously, deliberately and joyfully if you saw Life as working for, rather than against, you? You might liberate yourself and dance with the outcomes in a much more deliberate, light-filled, loving, confident, worthy and aware manner.

So make your outcomes your own, whatever and whomever they are dressed up in. Steadily embody and radiate from yourself what you do want to experience and magnetize. Certainly don’t blame or guilt anyone (including yourself) for any of it, and don’t get trapped in excessive analysis or the story. Make peace with your outcome, review its elements, make the mental and emotional changes, adjust your sails….and move forward into whatever the New represents for you and how it may synchronistically be delivered by the Field as a new reflection of your focus and being.

And lastly, enjoy the Ride all the more! It’s a mighty short one.