Change Hardly EVER Feels Comfortable

So many times we are waiting for that (imaginary) ‘perfect moment’ when it’s going to feel 100% right to make that move, that phonecall, that decision, that change. We listen and listen for an answer, spinning our wheels, procrastinating and wasting time.

This listening is important, but too many of us forget how our minds, emotions, feelings and bodies can be run by resistance-patterns of all kinds, and we forget how they feed upon each other to actually resist change….and keep things (and you and your Life) exactly the same.

No surprises about the kind of answer that’s going to come to you from such patterns.

It’s prudent to know that the wiring we are accustomed and used to causes us to never-ever want to go in the direction of the New. In fact, its addicted, habitual fear-loops recommend the opposite, and your ‘intuition’ or ‘guidance’ can actually be trauma-based or fear-based…. thus leading you to live life on repeat.

Far more prudent to recognize that true change (beyond the comfort zone, that is) hardly ever feels comfortable. It’s even unlikely to feel ‘right’ to our minds, emotions, feelings and bodies, that’s how deeply embedded the old scripting is, but true change may well line up completely with that visionary part of you that IS free from fear and that is always figuring out ways to lead you to greater wellbeing, creativity, freedom and abundance.

It’s really about determining the kind of life you want to live and why it’s important to you….and what you are willing to focus upon, do, embody and become for that ‘why’ and for that Future to materialize.

It’s about ultra-awareness of your old patterns and in-the-moment decisions to recognize the fear-loops, stay connected to your ‘why’, and then persist with just doing it, despite all the distractions your ‘old self’ is going to throw your way (which it will, in order to maintain its version of a status quo).

There’s nothing quite like ‘just doing it’, even if it you’re quaking in your boots and your old self is ‘guiding you’ otherwise to ultimately keep things exactly the same.

Stay alert and awake to your programs, create and free yourself.

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.