Bridging into a Regenerative Worldview

A Regenerative Worldview is the departure from the mechanistic, extractivist one that has dominated for centuries now and that is causing sweeping damage, into one underpinned by an holistic, ecological, living systems worldview. It is not about unconscious separation from, or conquest and domination of, life and nature, but one that sees all life as deeply interconnected, conscious and interrelated, and that resultingly increases the potential, diversity, flourishing and abundance of the whole system.

We can see the complex, multidimensional effects of separation in all our global systems: increasing volatility, destruction, breakdown, uncertainty and instability. Dramatic threshold points have been reached, and great unrest and turmoil are metastasizing environmentally, politically, economically and spiritually across all areas of the Earth, within its species and within the human experience. Where there was certainly before 2020 undeniable volatility and instability, now we are besieged by all manner of hyper-threats to ecosystems, health, food security, species, cohesion, community, planetary boundaries, biodiversity, climate and more.

The wrecking-ball-like breakdowns are shaking up status quo cognitive dissonance and compliance, and they simultaneously expose the global, unethical belief systems that have resulted in these outcomes.

The breakdowns painfully touch all our lives and our institutions, and they additionally show the extent to which power, agency and rights have been surrendered to ideologies, systems and authorities that can no longer be trusted, or that cannot take us where we need to be, or that are no longer relevant in our current context. They also show us the
extent to which we may have been denying the magnitude of the destruction taking place, and hoping the problems were somehow going to go away or be ‘magically’ fixed.

As the breakdowns increase, they are uncovering plutocracies, corruption, and the groups that rule for their own gain behind closed doors, and within which we, and all our systems, have been embedded. Whatever is unethical and regressive from the evolutionary perspective, and whatever has been outgrown and that is not built on integrity, is
being exposed.

All areas of our lives, all our global systems and infrastructure are also being exposed via the cumulative and courageous effects and actions of a radically awakening humanity. A ‘rigged game’ defined by manufactured consent and naked or covert power grabs for ruthless exploitation and destruction is clearer for all to see.

Concurrently, the desire to reclaim surrendered power and agency in favour of brand-new foundations and structures that do empower and sustain individuals and all life within the whole, rather than just the few, is exploding and mushrooming worldwide.

All of humanity is catalyzed into unprecedented, tremendously uncomfortable transformation and paradigm shift in a swirling mixture of shock, anger, despondency, propaganda, grief, fear, rage and that desire for something better, something new. And despite the best efforts of centralized vested interests to discredit in favour of maintaining
status quo business-as-usual, human beings are gathering online and in the streets in the millions, and citizen journalists are documenting the historical moments taking place, hourly and daily.

How to exit the old and contribute to a more conscious, thriving and abundant future?

In order to move ourselves into a worldview based more upon empowered dignity and holistic flourishing within all our systems, prevailing mindsets, belief systems and power structures must be seen, transformed and replaced. Through education and transformational initiatives, processes and tools, there must be a boycotting, surrendering and
untethering from the ideologies, beliefs and modus operandi that got us here and that belong to an hierarchical, authoritarian order acting more draconian, Orwellian and staggeringly outdated by the hour.

The release of all that is not serving the evolutionary imperative to renew, restore and regenerate all systems is critical. As part of this, a great (and chaotic) jettisoning from the belief systems, loyalties, behaviours, jobs and relationships is taking place. What is to come and what is progressively emerging is a more decentralized, non-hierarchical gathering. A horizontal, participatory politics, connectivity, creativity and sovereignty.

To this end, there’s no rest right now from being triggered into coming awake to a far bigger picture and a greater vision, and into action. The need to act is spurred on by increasingly-prodding accelerations of lightning-rod inspiration that necessitates (in the mess of failing leadership and systems) that we hold hands and go faster now to build the new, and reframe the value of who we are, and our relationships to ourselves, one another and the Earth, naming then casting off the destructive, and stopping the asking of permission from authorities, or clamouring to be saved.

This is the moment.

Dennis McKenna has said, “We’re in a race: all the forces of destruction, chaos and dystopian futures…and
then, on the other side of the coin, brilliant people coming up with good ideas that would really work and that are working”

And he’s right.

Intense and unprecedented mass grief, anger and desire for change and transformation are literally triggering evolutionary initiatives and thrusts forward in amongst the breakdowns and breakthrough leaps in consciousness and throughout all the structures that govern our lives. These are challenging the cherished foundations of our material, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds, and most especially with regards to those that are decayed, degrading, destructive and disconnected from active considerations of wellbeing for the whole.

It’s both welcome and unwelcome chaos, shaking systems to their cores, and renewing them.

This is transformation and paradigm shift. And it is a shift in consciousness from one way of being to another. It brings with it heightened awareness, sensitivity, connectivity, creativity and responsibility. It is a death / rebirth process (lasting for many years yet), and these days are critical game-changers. What we do with our belief systems, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions as these relate to the escalating momentum will determine where we feel personally called to act, and where it is that we will nest and choose to co-create.

Bridge-builders to a Regenerative Worldwiew fire the life force of those that are disempowered, broken, apathetic, unmotivated, in denial and still unconscious to their own power, values and voice. They stoke the fires and they help build bridges out of delusion, destruction, and confusion. They show visionary pathways of unique possibility, initiating ongoing exposure of the toxic, and the steps to co-creating a future other than the draconian, bleak one served up currently. They impel others to share information and breakthroughs, and are dynamically synchronizing now in radical diversity and intersectional plurality of approach. Their multidimensional and multifaceted bottom-line is care and dignity of both individuals and the whole in heightened collaboration and sensitivity, dynamic vision and an all-systems sense of responsibility and respect.

Ultimately, the Regenerative Worldview is about wholeness and relationships based upon connection in sentient, empathic interbeing. It speaks to, and upholds, respect for all planetary boundaries and lifeforms.

A Regenerative Worldview is about renewing our contract and contact with life itself in great swathes of life-affirming creativity and manifestation in these fresh, though uncertain, fields of an increasingly awake, aware, connected, mass consciousness that wants different outcomes and is prepared to fight for them.


Excerpted and adapted from “The Revolution is Love” © Fatima Bacot 2014